The Tower of Astran, the Guardian

Image description.

The tower of Astran at the feet of the Tandala Highlands, a proud example of dominating, some say even intimitating, Erpheronian architecture, often referred to as the "Guardian" by the inhabitants. Errected during the first century a.S. the building serves as a strategical military headquarter and as a library for scholars adept in the art of warfare at the same time, thus representing Erpheronian ideals of combining mind and might to smite the foe. The name "Guardian" probably developed from Astran's close position to the Tandalas, from where the orcish invasion during SW III originated - among many other fortifications built in the side of the mountains the Astran Tower was constructed to survey the region carefully and prevent harm from possible surprise attacks. To this purpose the Guardian also harbours several gryphs, which are used to patrol the mountains. Picture drawn by Koldar Mondrakken.