The Avéquis Lighthorse

Image description:

The Avéquis is a mythical creature, a winged horse, that is often associated with the High Goddess of Light Nakashi of the Aeoliran religion predominant at the continent Aeruillin, as it is the companion that was created for her by Arkon, God of Creation. The Avéquis has been depicted in several murals throughout the history of Caelereth. The most famous is a mural painted on the ceiling of a temple in Thylascuran dedicated to the High Goddess Nakashi by the artist Barthemous, it portrays the winged horse in mid-flight with wings outstretched across the glory of the heavens. The mural shows the mythical creature to have golden wings that extend far beyond its withers, covered with beautiful feathers. The snowy white mane and tail stretch behind the animal, as though they are being blown by a fierce gale. The amber eyes seem to move within the mural, as if the winged horse is watching you with an unnatural intelligence. Picture drawn by Losmios (Mia Bengtsson) used with friendly permission.