The Maerquis Darkhorse

Image description:

The winged horse of Polmaen, the Maequis Darkhorse, as seen on a morual in the city of Dion. The Maerquis is a mythical creature, a winged horse, that is always associated with the High God of the Dark Polmaen predominant at the continent Aeruillin, as it is the companion that was created for him by Arkon, God of Creation. The Maerquis was created to aid the god in his eternal struggle against the dark. Though Polmaen has power over the Dark, he is not evil and is responsible for dealing with the evil forces of Caelereth. The winged horse was born of the night, and only a creature such as he could truly fight the forces of evil. Picture drawn by Losmios (Mia Bengtsson) used with friendly permission.