A Morchin Watchtower

Image description.

A Morchin Watchtower overseeing the Morchin-Amorai border in the northwest- veritably a castle of moss, grass and wood! The Morchin on the open plains and the Amorai in their forests reside side by side on Moredein Kaerath, although, it has to be said, not very peacably. Territory frequently changes hands between the two tribes every time the Amorai invade and the mushroom-people march to reclaim land. But hear the story from Amorai lips - how those evil Morchin are forever trying to push their borders into the forest realm of the Amorai! There is truth to both accounts: The Morchini are always striving to expand their territory (into the Drifting Woods, the Amorai realm, Faen and the Islands of Thareliath); and the Amorai do retaliate. As the Way of the Monk says, "War will not bring peace." Picture drawn by Morjer.