The Dragonward ("Shield of Ximax")

Image description.

The Dragonward Shield in the center of a golden ceremonial ring bearing the Styrásh words "ín'eaá cár'áll" (permanent protective aura) and "ó'chón'cár á avelthá" (spirit through thoughts). The item's exact history and destiny is shrouded in myth, however, what is known, is that the shield had a harmonizing effect on the chaotic powers of the famous Orb of Ximax, which could be encaged with the assistance of the shield. Additionally the Dragonward had a high auratic component, enabling it to rally supporters from all kind of races to its wielder's cause. These abilities are expressed in the Styrásh words at the ceremonial ring the shield was placed in. Picture from the game Mystical Empire™, used with friendly permission. Image drawn by Quellion.