The Ruins of Karthmor

Image description.

Located east of the Chalbern double-peak of the Mithral Mountain Range in the Santharian province of Manthria, the forsaken Karthmor Ruins emanate an aura of the unease and the foreboding. Nowadays Karthmor is just an empty place where you can hear the winds soughing over the remnants of decayed buildings and withered stone. But millenia ago during the War of the Chosen these fragments were part of a citadel, home of a powerful demon-mage, who eventually met his fate through the hands of a group of druids and elves of the Auturian Woods who set out together to defeat the evil of this place. Karthmor is still a condemned area today, avoided by many and said to bear the curse of Ta Ivashi, the horror, who had come to life in these halls. Mystical Empire illustration drawn by Quellion, used with friendly permission.