The Losh-Oc Orcs

Image description.

The orcish Losh-Oc ("The True Orcs") tribes live in the harsh hills of Oro north of the Tandalas, forming a loose federation of related clans and families. Therefore they are also refered to as the "Orcs of Oro". They see themselves as the only orcs that still follow the religious trails of the Old and the ones that will gain fame when the "world will fall apart" as it has been in the old times with the Fall of F'v'cl'r.

From their point of view the arrogance of the elves and the ignorance of man were the fault for the Rage of the Gods and with this argument they think it justified to attack and massacre all the other races in Northern Sarvonia. The Losh-Oc are even hated by other orcs like the Ashz-Oc who call them "unhonorable scum" and "barbaric". Image by Quellion.