The Mil'no Fields

Image description.

The Mil'no Plant is a desert plant with light pink to blue blooms used for hygienic, cosmetic, medical and other purposes due to its strong scent. Mil'no grows in bulks on solitary stalks with silvery-green leaves and can be found in abundance in half arid conditions, but can exist in drier regions also. Mil'no is up to two peds high with green soft, hand sized leaves on single stalks, growing in bulks. The Mil'no's strong smell prevents it from being eaten or damaged otherwise and it suppresses the growth of other plants, but provides an excellent refugee for animals of all kinds. So you can find not only a variety of birds who breed in Mil'no regions, either on the ground like the blackheaded nele or making their nest high in the air by binding some stalks together like the blue-green kirilit, but small mammals like the spring mouse and the striped kara, whose ability for smelling seems not to be hindered by the strong odour of the Mil‘no, reptils like the gold spotted lizard and a lot of insects as well. Image drawn by Quellion.