The Susilgerim Dwarves ("Quiet Clan", Imlith Dwarves)

Image description.

A Susilgerim Dwarf gathering plants in a ravine of the Imlith Mountains - he just seemed to have heard a strange noise... - The Imlith Dwarves, as they are commonly referred to by humans, live in Northern Sarvonia in the aptly-named Imlith Mountains. Amongst their own kind though they refer to themselves by the name "Susilgerim", which is believed to have been taken from "Susilthergetyr, literally "quiet clan", a curse the Rhom-Oc utter when they have been ambushed yet again. The Imlith dwarves are very unlike other dwarves of Sarvonia, and this has led a few researchers to claim that they are in fact not true dwarves, but rather a sub-species of dwarf. This opinion has not been widely popularized and one can only hope it never comes to the ears of the Susilgerim... Picture drawn by Quellion.