Ta Ivashi, the "Beast" of Karthmor

Image description.

Ta Ivashi, the powerful mage and later necromancer of Karthmor, was described as a rigorous Lord already before he fell victim to an uncurable deadly illness, which caused him to try strange mixtures and consult wizardly help to save his life. Finally with the help of alchemists, magi and an artifact they produced together known as the Soulcatcher he turned to a half man and half demon creature. Ta Ivashi became endowed with the lust for power characteristic to the race of men and at the same time he also bore the brutal and unforgiving force of the netherworldly creatures in him - the latter he summoned in a place known today simply as the "Pit". Some say that Ta Ivashi's spirit still lurks in the shadows of his ancient fortress somewhere, others say he cursed the place when he died, and even others claim that there are tomes and artifacts of unimaginable power still down there in the cold and damp dungeons below Karthmor, only awaiting to bring havoc to the world again. Picture from the game Mystical Empire™, used with friendly permission. Illustration drawn by Quellion.