The Warnaka Mountains

Image description.

The looming, jagged, grey peaks of the Warnaka Mountains dominate the landscape of northwestern Santharia, borded in its southern foothills by the Bolder Forest. Often the summits are well shrouded in cloud, giving them an austere, sometimes meanacing dignity. On sunny days however, the peaks, covered in altitude loving plants in the southern part of the range, or sometime snow, are quite the most beautiful site, especially when viewed from the sea or the island of Narvos to the west. Exposed peaks shimmer and relfect all the colours of the day, due to their predominant uruyant composition. The mountain chain extends all the way up the Northern Peak, an unrelenting march northward. In between the depth of the mountains of the southern range are idyllic hidden valleys, often containing deep lakes created by snow melt waters and streams that drain the high peaks of the bountiful precipitation they recieve. Further north, no signs of vegetation however are visible on the mountainsides and the valleys and gulches are cluttered with a jumble of rocks and debris. Image by Quellion.