The Starcharts Astrendum in Ciosa

Image description.

The Starcharts Astrendum for sure is the most famous landmark of Ciosa, overlooking the city from the highest of the hills on which the town was built. Resembling in shape to a great degree the magnificent Sanctuary of the Twelve in Enthronia's capital Elsreth, it is a large compound of buildings with a dome in its center and two towers in front of it. Several smaller turrets are placed around the structure as well, connecting parts of the enormous complex of buildings, lending it an enchanting touch. A large clock in shape of a sun, the Mowickle, sits right between these two main towers above the entrance on a triangular area leading up to the roof. Sailors often call the Mowickle seen from afar the "Gaze of Foiros" as it appears like a watchful eye to ships coming closer to the shore. Picture drawn by Seeker.