The Bone Tree Apparition

Image description.

It is hard to decide which of the Venlaken Enclave's apparitions in Nybelmar are more mysterious or intriguing, but the Bone Trees are definitely among the most fascinating phenomenons. Categorized as apparitions, their manifestation reminds more of some sort of plant life rather than undead abominations or other strange malevolent ghostly creatures. They are encountered more in the northern regions of the Enclave but it is believed that they actually are common throughout the entire Enclave - as the thick vegetation of the southern marshes is making them hard to observe. These trees usually appear suddenly over night and disappear just as sudden after some time. Their most common form is that of a tree made entirely out of human bones. All these body parts seem to be alive somehow, as they will bleed if chopped down. It is not known whether these "Bone Trees" are malicious or not and generally the Anpagan mages and even the Daedhirians seem to be clueless about their origins or purpose. Image drawn by Seeker.