The Glistening Well of Goltherlon

Image description.

The Glistening Well of Goltherlon is a small ancient well that lies deep within the depths of the Goltherlon Forest in the eastern side of the Vardưnn province of Santharia. Said to be nestled in a massive baych grove, the well is neatly hidden from all but the most curious seekers. Some of the local Golgnomes believe the well to be possessed of strange magical power, perhaps elven magic that still lingers at the structure after centuries of lonely existence. Despite the gnomish culture of reasoning and science over mystical energy, some betrothed Golgnome couples have established the belief that the well gives fertility blessings when visited. The true purpose of the well is not understood by contemporary scholars, and the Goltherrihm Elves have long left the forest and cannot be sought out for answers. Nevertheless, the well is a curious object of study by explorers and sages who seek to understand the well's strange power. Image drawn by Seeker.