The Krrroa'haxpattl

Image description.

Illustration of Turik of Barsalon encountering the fabled monster of the Ice Coast, the Krrroa'haxpattl. The Krrroa'haxpattl, how the icetribes name this beast due to the sounds it makes when mating (sometimes also referred in its short form, "Krrroa"), is one of the most feared beasts of the Northern seas of Caelereth, but one of the most fascinating and strange at the same time. It is often described as a gargantuan, black mass with no fixed form with a forest of tentacles. Actually it is not very ferocious, except in certain circumstances. It is not its enormous size which frightens the people, but it is said that looking at it causes horror in the bravest man or woman, though this can not be explained with its sheer appearance alone. Image drawn by Seeker.