The Wisp

Image description.

The Wisp, also known as "Granther Willow's Lantern", or more commonly as the "Will'o'Wisp" in many of the human lands of Sarvonia is a mysterious apparition known to inhabit desolate swamps, moors or bogs. There are also occasional sightings among old ruined fortresses and catacombs. The elves call this apparition the "injˇh" (lit. "light creature"). There are many legends and myths told of the Will'o'Wisp, with most of them giving the Wisp a capricious and benevolent nature. Still other tales do not paint the Wisp in such a positive light, warning travelers never to follow a Wisp in the night for it will lead one to their doom. Regardless of the truth, many researchers cannot agree as to the apparition's true nature. Image drawn by Seeker.