Tha Falserock Lizards' Mating Ritual

Image description.

The mating ritual of the the Falserock Lizards as seen on a bright morning, looking from the slopes of the Norong'sorno to the north in direction of the Nirmenith Mountains over the Land of Pain. It is not known yet, how the beginning of mating or the prequel of the Falserock Lizards is triggered, but at some time in the morning or in the evening, when the temperature seems right, the female stops hiding and starts to change its colour rapidly. As soon as at least one male is attracted she jumps up to fly, followed by up to three or more potential mates. While circling higher and higher she changes her colour, and not only the greys and browns which are needed for camouflage on the ground are seen, but the brightest colours imaginable, mostly starting with soft hues of mercoral or fyrit pink followed by brighter reds and yellows. After the reds the blues and greens are displayed, in the end a spectacle, a quick changing of all rainbow colours in their brightest and most intense hues are shown, and all this happens during an artistic flight show high up in the air. - The males try to imitate her as fast as possible... Image drawn by Talia Sturmwind.