The Shendar Dome

Image description.

The Shendar have a nomadic way of living most use the tent, called the "Shendar Dome", as basic housing form. The tents have the most economic form to cover the most free space with the least material to cover this space - the half sphere: A big central tent, called the "dome", is surrounded and attached by several smaller ones. Every smaller tent has an access to the central big one, only the family quarters are connected to each other. The main tent has seven peds in diameter (see mystics of the numbers below). Very few families have only this single tent, but it is not very common. Most families try to live in the extended and more comfortable form with the smaller tents attached. To make this possible two or three young families live together in one tent, preferably with relatives. Most of the tents are inherited and due to the scarce, very valuable and quite difficult to come by raw materials new ones are very seldom. The central tents seem huge, too huge maybe for the unknowing eye, but their advantage of this construction is that they hold enough air to survive in a day long sandstorm, and even if the outer parts are all covered with sand, the main dome will show through the sand. Picture drawn by Talia Sturmwind.