Aehrín Hélvil'avásh

Image description.

Aehrín Hélvil'avásh (328-110 b.S.) was the Rónn of the treeborne Maeverhim elves of the Sharadon from 235 b.S. to his death in 110 b.S. on the assault by the Móch'rónn. During this time his rule was for the most part uneventful, save for his departure for the Thaelon for the Elven Council. For many elves, travelling is no dilemma, but as the Maeverhim had established their worship of Grothar, it was considered disgraceful to touch the earth. Despite this massive setback Aehrín still fulfilled his duties as a Maeverhim, a Rónn and a member of the High Elven Council, helping to choose the Ylfferhim Anthioullsn as the High Rónn of the elves. Despite a good choice, the Rónn Aehrín was murdered by dark elves of the Móch'rónn when they attacked the Sharadon. Picture drawn by Viresse.