Originally called "Cape Satha" by the Shendar, the native population of Stratania. Later on the name was changed to Cape Strata by Drafas Tristin’s descendants, which simply means the same: Southernmost Cape or Cape South ("Strata" is in fact a stýrash word). Cape Strata is indeed the southernmost point of the Sarvonian Continent. It’s until this very day one of most often used referral points by captains because of the heavy shiptraffic around the cape.

Cape Strata was originally not a very popular location. As the legend goes, a civilisation of giants had settled at the cape a long time ago, of which the giantific sewers and extremely high lighthouse remained. Considered cursed by the local population, the city and thus the location as a whole was barely visited by any beings. After the War of the Chosen the original civilisation, if it ever existed, got lost due to some unknown reason, but the place was still considered cursed. Minor settlements like Rahmat and Thalambath were established at other coastal locations along the southern peninsula, but the cape wasn’t inhabitated until the arrival of Drafas Tristin. It was at the southernmost beach that Voldarian refugees saw the sun rise again after the Year of Darkness and therefore the cape was considered an important, even sacred location. After Strata was founded (1649 b.S.), a temple dedicated to Foiros, Tremgala (“Guide in Dark Days”), was built at the beach where the first sunrise had been spotted.

The temple was lost though during the floods of 1288 b.S. and parts of the Cape were forever surrendered to the water, although the lighthouse still has remained until this very day. After the floods the Cape mainly served as a focusing point for all the ships crossing the Burning Sea.

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