This is the only known pass through the southern Mithral Mountains. A high alpine pass that is often closed due to heavy snows in the winter. It is part to the Mithral route traders have used for centuries. There may have been another name at one time in its history but due to superstitions and the myth surrounding this pass it is simply referred to as Crazy Woman Pass.

Description. Crazy Woman Pass is a winding pass that climbs steadily on either end until its highest part. Here it is flat a couple hundred peds at the widest and several hundred peds long. It is a rocky pass with many places where large boulders are piled together. On the southern end of this flat area is a boulder field that climbs until it abruptly ends at the sheared off face of Gray Hood Peak. Many believe this boulder field is the result of one of Grothar's changeable moods. They say he was in a bad mood and felt Gray Hood was causing some of his winds to go where he did not want them. In his ire he struck the side of the peak with his lightning staff causing it to crumble and slide creating this boulder field. The north side is very steep with several small cliff faces and huge piled boulders. It is above tree line so there are no trees and very few low shrubs. The ground cover is mostly a mossy runner type grass while patches of lichens and mosses can also be found on the ground and boulders.

When climbing from the west going east Gray Hood Peak is very prominent and it is said because of the curiosity of trappers and hunters it helped with the discovery of Crazy Woman Pass. Gray Hood is made up of mostly granite and grayish colored rock. Because of this, and the fact that one side of the peak is sheared off, it appears as though someone has pulled a hood over their head. Thus the popular name given to this peak. It is not know if anyone has scaled this peak or its sister peak of Chalbern. Both are believed to be over four stral. Return to the top

Location. Crazy Woman Pass is located in the southern end of the Mithral Mountains, which are along the Adanian Sea in the eastern part of province Manthria. It runs between the two peaks Gray Hood to the south and Chalbern to the north. Return to the top

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Picture description. The location of the Crazy Woman Pass in eastern Manthria, running between the two peaks of the Mithral Mountains, the Gray Hood to the south and Chalbern to the north. Maps drawn by Artimidor,

Myth/Lore. The legend of Crazy Woman Pass is ancient and still believed by most of the traders using the Mithral Route through these mountains. No one can say who or even what race the woman in the legend was. Just that it was a woman and thus the pass's name was derived from this. When the pass was first found it was wilder than today and many raiding parties could be found at the pass or other places along the trading route. Over the centuries soldiers have been sent to capture and kill the raiders, this has made it safer, but raiders and thieves are still known to harass the route.

It is said not long after the pass was discovered a trading caravan was making its way through the pass towards Marcogg. They stopped at the pass for a short break when they spotted a figure among the boulder field. They were instantly on guard and sent a couple of armed men to investigate. They were surprised to find a lone woman and the two brought her back to the others. She was in a bedraggled state with her hair badly ratted and uncombed with her dress in tatters and so dirty it was hard to tell the original color. She had no shoes on her feet and dirt was caked on her feet, hands and face. They tried to question her, ask her how she got here, what happened and where was the rest of her party. They received no answer as she just stood there looking at them not answering a word. They finally gave up and offered her water and food, which she drank and ate ravenously. When she finished she just sat on the ground listlessly. The traders decided to take her with them and maybe there would be some answers in Marcogg. So they loaded her in the back of one of the wagons and set out.

Just as the caravan started its descent, she started screaming, jumped down from the wagon and raced off for the boulder field. So startled were the traders it was a couple minutes before they could send someone after her. By then she had disappeared and she could not be found. The traders searched for awhile catching fleeting glimpses of her among the boulders. Each time she would scream and disappear behind a boulder. When the traders arrived at the place where she was sighted she was gone, nowhere to be found. Finally they gave up considering it a futile waste of time. Evening was drawing near and they did not want to get caught in the pass after dark. It was decided to continue on to Marcogg and alert the authorities about her.

The whole episode unnerved them making them edgy and constantly looking around. It is believed this is what saved them when a little farther down the route they spotted bandits and were able to repel them. The traders believed these were the same bandits that attacked the woman's party. Because she knew these bandits were there it explained why she ran off. They made it to Marcogg and related their story. A search was organized and sent but she was never found. Then more sightings by other trading caravans started being reported. The only difference, now she would not come near the traders but would start screaming and run off whenever anyone attempted to come near. Each time she would disappear and soon after these sightings the caravans would be attacked. It was not long before people started referring to that crazy woman who runs around scream at the pass. Over the centuries she has become known as the gray lady. Many claim she is still occasionally spotted today and each time causes great concern for whoever is going through the pass. Some believe she is an evil omen and the cause of any raiders attacking. Others believe she brings good luck warning travelers of the coming dangers. Either way the pass has come to reflect her legend. Return to the top

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