Also know as the "Woven City" to the Weavers, others call it simply the "City of Magic". It exists in the world known as the Web, a place discovered by the Old Weavers which is composed totally of magic. There were a few instances when it somehow slipped into Caelereth.

Appearance. Tall spires extend above city walls to give it a majestic look, to those who see it. Doors of carved ivory lead into the city, woven of magic. The strange mist which flows through all of the Web hangs heavily upon the upper part of the city, though the streets are clear of it.

Location. The Web. Nothing more to it, it's not divided in any way. Delonaire is simply a place of magic, and nothing more, that the Old Weavers discovered. They not only discovered it, but changed it to suit their needs, for they were masters of magic.

Occupants. Supposedly inhabitated by the Old Weavers. The Old Weavers are said to be of all different races, but share the same power. However, some speculate that they are all dead by now and that the city had already been overrun with spyders, the great natural enemy within the Web. These magical beasts hate the Weavers with a passion for what they did to the Web.

History. Although unbeknownest to others, the Old Weavers used their incredibly powerful magic to create stone and wood from nothing but the magic of the Web, and Delonaire was the first city they created. They expanded on into an empire, to which Delonaire was a doorway, where they eventually retreated. Follwing is a short summary of the creation of Delonaire as contained in one volume of the "Book of Truth: Reality in Myth".

"The Web supports the mysteries of magic in all its forms, and thus the Old Weavers mastered it, and made it theirs. And upon this great thing, made all of magic, they built an entire empire. At the head of this empire, the only entrance way that led to the empire, was Delonaire, the sacred city, woven of magic, the first, and still the most beautiful. Since then the Woven City is known to those without the Gift or the Secret as the City of Magic.

As the Old Weaver did thrive, many visited their great cities, and so they all had to visit Delonaire first. Stones made from magic, towering spires woven from something which was not even solid. Beauty in its truest form - this represented the power of the Old Weavers.

But the Old Weavers disappeared, taking with them the texts which held their most powerful secrets. They retreated into the Web, and the Temple of Weaving was left empty for several years. Then the Masters appeared, and once more those who shared the talent to weave were gathered at the Temple.

Weavers began to thrive once again, and they also began to walk along the Web, and use it to travel to a few of the other creations of the Old Weavers. Still, they could not find Delonaire among the Web Roads, though some of the books left behind told of it. Many Weavers have gone in search for it, staying within the Web for months and came out again insane, out of their wits. Some claimed to have reach the city it, even in their madness, others could not speak beyond incoherent blabbering.

Only one returned with his wits, and a map to Delonaire. But the day he was to show the map to the Masters and release it to the other Weavers, he was found dead. His body and bones twisted and broken. The mark, carved into his forehead, was that of the Old Weavers. His map was gone, and he never told his secret. Even after that frightening incident others have searched the legendary city, none searches were fruitful.

Still tales are told about the Woven City, City of Magic, Gateway to the Old Weaver empire, Delonaire. It is forever the symbol to Weavers of the truly awesome gift that they possess. They believe it still exist, and the Old Weavers will one day reveal themselves. Then the Old Weavers shall take today's Weavers, and they shall all live within that great world of magic known as the Web. So some wait, and others are impatient and search, but Delonaire hasn't been found yet. It will be found, though, and all know it. It's simply a matter of time."

-- "Books of Truth: Reality In Myths", one of a several volume set kept in the Great Library in the Temple of Weaving. Open to Weavers and Secret Holders only.

Many tales surround Delonaire, one of which was is known as the "Myth of Returning". They say that when Delonaire is found then the Old Weavers will come back to the world. Some believe this to be a bad thing, that the Old Weavers will come with the knowledge of the Gods and magic more powerful than any have ever seen. Others believe that it is a good thing, and they shall come to take the Weavers from the world, who have proven faithful to their cause, and retreat into the Web, as they did.

Still some support the idea that the spyders finally got the upper hand and swarmed over the empire of the Old Weavers, destroying the cities and the Old Weavers. Despite this, some have hope that not only the Old Weavers are still alive, but that they've discovered a way to finally destroy their spyder enemies. The Weavers still fear that, when Delonaire is found, it will open more of the Web to them, and with this another epidemy of spyders will be release. But they are also afraid that not only spyders, but other Web creatures yet undiscovered will come with them.

The "Book of Travels", a book which teaches the finer points of Web travel and some of the more widely accepted legends and prophecies, tells of what many believe will happen when the ways to Delonaire will be discovered again.

"'The mist shall flow from the tear in the sky, true power will reveal itself. The one who will open the gate will be taken into the Web, where he shall see the great city and in its splendour the numerous spires towering over thousands of settlements crafted by the one force. [...] The paths, the nodes and knots, at all secret places shall tear open - again or for the first time -, and all the secrets of the Web will be revealed instantly. Along with these secrets, being part of them, shall come the Web's inhabitants, both native and otherwise. Those who came there first a long time ago will be among these and take up all those with the Gift and bring them back home. [...] The world will be overrun by the dark side of the Web, but those who learned to master the loom will be safe in their empire.'

Thus was it told by Garret Vensay, who is the only Weaver known that was able to manipulate time with his magic and see what was to come. If he was indeed telling the truth or not is unknown, but all knew of his abilities. Shortly after this he disappeared, supposedly to the future so he could prevent this occurence. [...]"

-- "The Book of Travels" by the elf Coymon Strongleaf, translated by Tarquet Galbar.

Even with the prophecies of destruction and darkness, people have not ceased to search for Delonaire. It is the dream of all Weavers to find the city and behold it's glory. Others wish to find the power of the Old Weavers and become true masters of magic. Indeed the secrets and powers of the Old Weavers are an enticing prize, even if it means destroying the non-Weavers and their world. Luckily none have found it yet, and things are safe. But the Weavers must hope that Vensay will be there to help them contain the creatures of the Web if they are released. Recently, though, it is rumoured that strange things are happening within the Web. Only the Weavers can notice this, but they believe it is a signal that Delonaire will be found soon, and many are readying themselves.

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