In the midst of the Adanian Sea, two islands come together to form the Kingdom of Dorania. This sparsely inhabited kingdom lies to the east of Santharia and dominated by stretches of inhospitable desert.

The Kingdom of Dorania

View picture in full size Picture description. The isles of the Kingdom of Dorania. Map drawn by Artimidor.

Location. The Kingdom of Dorania lies east of Santharia, north of the continent of Aeruillin, and south-west of the Island of Denilou. It is surrounded by the Adanian Sea, though the Burning Sea is just to the south.

Geography. The kingdom of Dorania is made up of two seperate isles, with varying geographical make-up.

Weather. There are two seperate weather fronts at work here. There is the west-east warm front coming from Santharia, and the east-west hot front that comes from the Burning Sea and Aeruillin. This explains why the deserts are located soley on the eastern side. When these two fronts collide they can cause tremendeous summer monsoons, these monsoons are the life blood of the western side of the island.

Inhabitants. This island is settled strictly by men. There are two seperate groups of people who live here: The desert tribes live in the eastern section of the larger isle. They have a nomadic lifestyle as no area is rich enough to support a tribe for long. In the northern isle and the western section of Doranthakar are the farmers and traders.

Plant/Animal Life. Without saying there is more life on the western side of the Isle of Doranthakar, and the northern isle, it is the plants and animals of the deserts that are far more interesting. These creatures and plants have adapted to rely on the monsoons to sustain them. During the monsoon season many short lived plants and insects will come alive, and the desert is almost a whole other enviroment.

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