Mossy Rocks Cove lies by the Adanian Sea where the small fishing village of Nepris is located.

Mossy Rocks Cove

View picture in full size Picture description. The location of Mossy Rocks Cove. Map drawn by Artimidor.

Location. Mossy Rocks Cove is the middle of three coves along the Adanian Sea east of the Mithral Mountains. It is also the smallest, by a little, of the three and also where the fishing village of Nepris is located. It is just east of Kor Mithrid and in the Santharian province of Manthria.

Mossy Rocks Cove has a general bowl shape that is somewhat protected by the two headlands at either side. These are small cliffs along the beach that slope down to gently rolling hills. There are no trees in this cove and only shrubs can be found along the tops of the headlands. Also, a colony of sea birds reside in these cliffs. The whole cove is surrounded by gently rolling hills and is covered by a sturdy reed grass. The cove itself has several lower dunes extending to the beach with many man sized or larger boulders spread around. The reed grasses also protect these dunes. A shingle made up of black and gray rounded stones about two-thumb widths across covers the beach. All of this shingle is covered in a green shaggy moss and even a few of the large boulders in the cove have it growing on them. The water in the cove is a greenish color due to the fact that the beach extends out several hundred peds at knee depth level. From the center of this cove is a small road that snakes its way west to the Mithral Route. On this road near the back of the cove is a trading post that is used by the villagers to trade with the dwarves and traders from the Mithral Route. On the left side of the cove is a small creek winding its way to the sea. It is called Mossy Rock Creek.

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