These falls located at the Mithral Mountains in eastern Santharia were probably first seen by the Thergerim and thus named UravAnul WaaInn (UravAnul WaaInn), or "True Water Falling". When humans started trading with the Thergerim in the Mithral Mountains they couldn't quite pronounce the name of these falls and corrupted it. The Thergerim may still call these magnificent falls by the old name but most know them as Ravenwing Falls.

The Ravenwing Falls

View picture in full size Picture description. View on the bottom of the Ravenwing Falls at Nepris. Picture drawn by Quellion.

Description. The Ravenwing Falls start as a cold mountain stream originating high in the Mithral Mountains. The stream works its way down out of the mountains gaining more streams until it is a large river when it reaches the cliff face over looking Mossy Rocks Cove where it falls into a clear pool hundreds of peds below. The water starts its fall at the top of a cliff that is rounded the first fifty to one hundred peds. It has worn a groove in the rock as this white churning water starts its mad run to oblivion. The locals call this area the Raven's Shoulder.

At the precipice the falls shoot out about two peds only to fall four or five hundred peds to the floor of Mossy Rocks Cove below. At the bottom is a clear cold pool, roughly oval shaped about twenty peds wide and thirty long. The cascading falls slam into several huge boulders with churning white fury of bone jarring force at the back of this pool. The savage thunder this produces echoes for hundreds of peds and seems to reach right into the marrow of a persons bones. There is heavy mist around the falls being so thick at times that upper areas of the falls seem to disappear. The mist thins out the further a person is form the falls but always present around the pool. The whole area around the pool is covered in thick mosses and ferns giving it a dense green aspect. From the front of the pool a small river meanders its way easterly until it flows into the Adanian Sea. On the left side a larger river works its way south along the Mithrals until it finally flows into the Adanian Sea by Tyr Ethran.

As is often the case with naming things, misnomers occur. Such is the case for the small river flowing from the pool. It is called Mossy Rock Creek even though it is a river, albeit a small one. This may have occurred because the larger river, called Raven River, has probably three times the water flowing from it. Return to the top

Location. The Ravenwing Falls are on the eastern side of the Mithral Mountains. These mountains in turn are located in the eastern part of province Manthria along the Adanian Sea. The falls themselves cascade down the side of a cliff at the back left side of Mossy Rocks Cove about half a stral south of the trading route that works its way into Crazy Woman Pass. Return to the top

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Picture description. The location of the the Ravenwing Falls in eastern Manthria. The falls cascade down the side of a cliff at the back left side of Mossy Rocks Cove about half a stral south of the trading route that works its way into Crazy Woman Pass. Maps drawn by Artimidor,

Myth/Lore. The inaccessible spring which is the source of the marvellous Ravenwing Falls is said to be an egg of solid mithril, which a fortunate boy was rewarded with who befriended an injured raven. It is also said that the Ravenwing Falls represent a gateway to one of Baverasí feasting halls...

Sailors and travelers have used the Ravenwing Falls for centuries as an identifying landmark. The main reason is because these falls can be seen for several strals out at sea and along the eastern coast of the Mithral Mountains. It is also a convenient way of locating Crazy Woman Pass, the only pass through these mountains. Return to the top

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