The School of Ames is located in the elven town of Fullwanooth on the continent of Nybelmar and is essentially what its name states, a school of Knowledge. It is best known for its vast library and its skill in teaching languages. It is also known upon the continent of Nybelmar for its performing and fine art courses.

Description. The School of Ames was founded in 1418 by Jalei Ames, a local artist who catered to the wealthy, and a small gathering of his pupils. Ames believed that anything could be taught - inherent skills not being thought as necessary for learning a trade. Since the School's establishment, this mission has proved to be true. The pupils that attend come in relatively unexperienced and leave with a good technical grasp in their field of study.

Another unique aspect of the School of Ames is that there is no graduation. There is no true graduate system as people come and pay to take classes and receive a written acknowledgement noting their completion of the course. If they want to learn more they must pay for more classes. Those that are respected by their teachers may receive various titles from them, but that is all.

There were two additions to the main body since its inception - the Fine Arts wing (teaching many different manners of the use of clay and brush to create art) was added in 1498 and the Theatre (for musical and thespian endeavors) was added in 1522. The school has been pondering the addition of a magic wing to its campus, but many arguments have been raised concering it.

The school is built upon level ground in the town of Fullwanooth. There is only one entrance - up the three steps and into the rotunda. To the left is the fine Arts wing and to the Right is the Theatre. The Theater itself has its own entrance for performances where it takes in revenue from the public, but this entrance is closed during school hours.

Forward through the Rotunda leads to the Gardens, a parcel of land meant as a common ground for all students during their tenure. It is well manicured and showcases the local flora and fauna. Beyond the Gardens is the oldest building, the Library of Words. This is the original building built in 1418, and houses the the collection of texts and maps that the School of Ames prides itself upon. Return to the top

Location. The School of Ames is located on the continent of Nybelmar, in the elven town of Fullwanooth, just north of Latharan Unagom and southeast of Fallaerion Affaenath, residing in the flatlands before the foothills of Sharkion Zhararath. Return to the top

People. The Town of Fullwanooth itself is an unstable territory, considering so many races converge on the town and use its resources, it can at many times be unbridled chaos to the traveller's eye. The School of Ames is seen as a rarity, a relatively stable area, though the school itself has a fair share of horror stories regarding the townsfolk, merchants and travellers and their treatment of the facility. - Races you might encounter at the School of Ames are the following:

Coat of Arms/Sign. The school itself has no coat of arms, just a simple symbol used to designate attendees of the School of Ames, past or present. The symbol is shaped like an oval, and within that oval there isn an open book with a brush and quill over the center. Beneath the book the word "Ames" is written. This symbol is also carved in reverse on the rings of the educators of the school, for wax seals and class diplomas at the end of courses. Another ring (with design in forward) is offered to longtime attendees for a price. Return to the top

Climate. The school, as well as the flatland foothill areas enjoy mild weather and gentle breezes on average days. But when the weather decides to turn sour, the town becomes just as messy as its unconventional inhabitants.

In heavy downpours during the winter and early spring, the grounds can get saturated and make a mess of anything that decides to get too close to a mud puddle. Students have been known to disrobe and wash their garments in washbasins and troughs after travelling to the school in the foul weather.

And in the late spring and throughout summer, the temperature can rise to amazing heights, making the town unbearable.Only by retreating to Latharan Unagom can one take refuge from the heat - by either cooling off from the breezes off the lake, or swimming in it. Return to the top

Flora. The Gardens in the center of the school grounds cater to local flora - while the flatlands offer little in true variety, the groundskeepers are adept at cultivating the grasses to the point where it seems perpetually spring within the Gardens. The Gardens do attract people not in attendance at the School - for purposes of harvesting the flowers, and it is a fair nuisance from time to time. Return to the top

Fauna. The building makes a great home to town vermin - empty classrooms and tomes of great thicknesses are large benefits to rats, stray felines and even birds and dogs. Some of the vermin are only mildly feral, it is not uncommon to have a feral local cat steal your lunch if you are unattentive. Return to the top

Resources. The dwarven Kavogerims Nomli and Vomli UrchaEnn were known to have an extensive library themselves, and it is rumoured that the dwarves who tend their Library and School now have an exchange program - swapping texts and knowlege, even teachers from time to time to keep their respective schools interesting for its pupils. Return to the top

Myth/Lore. Jalei Ames was an artist himself, skilled in the art of portraiture and his minor talent in deciphering the human personality made him a desired artist to the wealthy. Soon he had a whole gathering of young folk who wished to learn his style for their own profit and Jalei, ever the thinker, formed the School of Ames in Fullwanooth - what he regarded to be a good setting for encouraging the creative minds of his students as well as a place for his pupils to establish their own trade.

The school is also rumored to be haunted: In 1602 "Dry Waters" the play written by Achimus Tork, a human bard studying there, was performed onstage in the School of Ames' Theatre. Achmius was the lead character - a plains-dwarf guide who had suddenly lost his water-sense during a caravan excursion.

A scene called for the head Caravan male (to be played by a gentleman whose name is lost in history) to to attack the dwarf. But rather than the actor coming on stage and acting the scene, a woman called Red Pannis (a known prostitute with a terrible temper and a frequent "muse" of Achmius) stormed the stage in a similar garment and actually attacked Tork, without any of the actors taking notice. - The scene went off without a hitch - Achmius died onstage to a standing ovation. Red Pannis later killed herself in an inn.

It is said that Achmius Tork (known around the school as"Dead Tork") wanders the halls singing with his lute, leaving ghostly trails of blood in his wake. He also frequents the Theatre, acting out the motions of the play (though fortunately never the Death Scene). It is said he acts onstage in the hopes that his real acting will gather applause. Return to the top

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(YEARS 2.970 B.S. - 1.667 A.S.)
1.418 Founding of the School of Ames
The School of Ames is founded in Fullwanooth by a group artists headed by Jalei Ames. Ames takes out a large loan to pay for construction and the books needed.

1.433 Death of Jalei Ames
Jalei Ames pays back the loan with interest on his death bed by selling his possessions, most notably a rare collection of elven tomes dating from some time after the fall of F'v'cl'r.

1.498 Construction of the Fine Arts Wing
The school builds a Fine Arts Wing to accomodate those with an interest in the construction of beautiful objects.

1.522 Construction of the Theatre
The Theatre is built and the School begins courses in Acting and Music. It also gives the school a chance to make more money.

1.602 Onstage Murder
Playwright Achmius Tork is murdered onstage during the performance of his "Dry Waters" play.


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