The town of Seraia is located in Southern Sarvonia, in the province of Brendolan. Surrounded by the Sharadon, the town has evolved to accommodate their closest neighbours, the elves of the Maeverhim. These elves consider it near unholy to touch the earth. To allow trading between the elves and to make them comfortable in the town, the locals built bridges from building to building 5 peds above the earth as well as entrances at both floors. The town is known for being friendly and comfortable, and trade is swift and encouraged. It is a good resting place for those passing through the Sharadon, as the residents are known to be willing to help others.

Description. Seraia is nearly completely surrounded by the Sharadon, which sets a natural border for the town. Many of the residents are elves of the Maeverhim, they have linked the Town to the forests and the colonies with sturdy bridges of wood and rope. Seraia is a decent sized town, run mostly by elves. Seraia has few landmarks, save for it being a major trading post. There are some temples, the largest being to Grothar, due to Maeverhim influence. However, the temple is not large, due to both weight and height restrictions to accommodate the elves of the Sharadon.

The city mostly consists of two story buildings, the second floor usually representing the main entrance to the establishments or homes they contain. All buildings are connected by walkways and bridges built between and around the buildings, to accommodate the elves that live here and in the forest.

Many of the buildings are made of heavier materials using clay, wood or stone walls to elevate the home to the second story height, which makes for more stability and security of possessions on the lower floor. Poorer families build their homes upon stilts arranged about the base of the home in a stabilizing pattern, or those that do not desire to associate with the nearby elves live on level ground just beyond the center of town, with similar materials as the other homes. Return to the top

Location. Seraia is located in the Brendolan province of the United Kingdom of Santharia, surrounded by the Sharadon forest. It is just north of the Narfost Plain in Southern Sarvonia. To the west is the town of Antiragon. Return to the top

View entry on Santharia View complete map of Santharia Seraia The NE of the Province of Brendolan
Map description. The location of the Sharadon Forest and Seraia in southern Santharia, north of the Narfost Plains and south of the Gulf Maraya. Map drawn by Artimidor.

People. In the past, humans lived in great abundance in Seraia, but many turned into traders, or moved to a more "civilized" area.

The town is visited heavily by Maeverhim locals, who trade extensively. A small population of Brownies is present as well, and some gnomes, who help maintaining the Maeverhim wind systems. Dwarves seem to be un-fond of the elevation and pass through quickly. Return to the top

Coat of Arms/Sign. Due to its neighbors, Seraia has quite a similar coat of arms to the Maeverhim. A blue eight-sided shape, with a border of silver, a golden trestle-like patter is laid over it. Two white feathers to the left and right and in the center is a green sphere. Inside of the sphere is a crown of gold, with a sword and an arrow laid beneath it.

The shape of the shield represents the structure of buildings, the silver of trade, the gold trestle representing its bridges. The feathers pay homage to the bird of the Maeverhim banner and the elves' influence, the green sphere symbolizing the seclusion of the elves for so long. The gold crown symbolizes the parade of elven Rónns and Ránns that the Sharadon has seen, the sword of the humans and the arrow of the elves. Return to the top

Climate. The climate of Seraia is cozy, with the trees making a wall around the town. This keeps the sea breezes out. Return to the top

Flora. The forest is not thick in Seraia; grasses, bushes and trees natural to the area are in abundance. Some traders dump overstock or flawed plants imported from all over the continent and the world, so some plants that may not normally grow here have adapted or died. Return to the top

Fauna. Considering it is a town, animals of the region stay away from it. Mimsies (both domesticated and wild) are seen raiding storage areas and causing raucous havoc at night. Psittae are a bit uncommon but they exist here; unlucky traders with broken cages means these birds come to live semi-wild in the town. Zeiphyrian hunting hounds also are semi-wild inhabitants of Seraia. Return to the top

Myth/Lore. A myth of the Coastal Redwoods seems to have come from this region: Legends tell a story of a young Tethinrhim who was very proud of himself and his accomplishments. His cocky attitude was not well liked, however, and several of his tribe-mates sought to end his life. Upon discovering this, the arrogant Tethinrhim ran for his life. His pursuers followed him. The frightened elf ran all the way to the sea. He realized that the game was up, and he dropped to his knees and prayed to the Goddess of the Soul Harvest that She would not collect his soul in a painful manner. Queprur was awed and amazed by this young warrior who chose to pray to her in his time of need. So She blessed the red-haired warrior by sparing his life and turned him into a Redwood. Return to the top

Resources. Trading is a major resource for the town, as 75 percent of the city's income is from trade. The city imposes a 10% tax from all trades, which allows the town to flourish. The Maeverhim are fond of trading, and enjoy making the trades the best for all parties. Tourism is also a resource, making the other 25% of income. Many of the forest-dwelling Maeverhim make trinkets and their child-like disposition and hospitality make it well worth the mid-level price they charge. Return to the top

Age of Awakening

1582 b.S. Establishing of rest point
Travelers establish a rest point. It consists only of a few fire rings and flattened ground with a rutted trail that run through the Sharadon.
1500 b.S. Founding of Seraia
Seraia is founded by Wessir Greenbow, named after his daughter. A trader's post, a tavern and two houses are all that stand at this small village.
1426 b.S. First contact with the Maeverhim
Travelers living in the small village begin correspondence with the Maeverhim. They shoot arrows into the treetops, with letters attached.
1326 b.S. Maeverhim Invitations
In a historical moment for the history of Seraia Maeverhim elves drop a ladder down to the Seraia inhabitants, and the travelers climb the ladder to begin trade. Soon an elevated platform is made so that the elves can bring items down.
1108 b.S. Brownies in Seraia
The Aohu'o reach Seraia, a small tribe of only 175 Brownies.

Age of the Blood

806 b.S. Trade stop
The Maeverhim retract their bridge to Seraia again, fearing the approaching war.
753 b.S. Trade starts again
Seraia receives the ladder from the Maeverhim, and trade begins again. More and more businesses are built to accommodate the elves.
110 b.S. Retaliation by Saban Blackcloak
The city is stormed by the Móh'rónn, using the only passage to the Maeverhim colonies to imprison the elves.

Age of Change

3 a.S. Trade with Nybelmar
First shipments of the continent of Nybelmar are received and trade is expanded.

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