Tarannoar is mall Santharian and former Serphelorian seaside village south of the Zeiphyrian Woods. Tarannorar is located at the northern coast at the Gulf of Maraya, estimated 48 stral southwest of the Quaelhoirhim port of Elving. Although tranquil nowadays, Tarannoar once was an important historical place during SW II, as a whole human fleet was hidden in the Noarian Caves in preparation for attacks on the Quaelhoirhim elves, before it was finally conquered. Today the idyllic landscape and the wonderful castle Starhail nearby overseeing the Gulf of Maraya, still inspire many poets.


View picture in full size Picture description: Sunset at the seaside village Tarannoar. Picture drawn by Tanos

Description. Although this village is only small and by the first glance a seemingly unspectacular fishing port, Tarannoar once served as the central base for human sea operations during SW II, the War of the Inpious (550-501 b.S.). During this period the village was fortified with massive stone walls surrounding it, of which only a few have had the luck of surviving the tremendous destruction caused by the war between the races.

located only a few strals from the main elven port of Elving many ships were kept away during the SW II at Tarannoar in a hidden bay from the eyes of the enemy, in the huge, famous Noarian Caves. From there the Serphelorians managed to strike several crucial blows against the Quaelhoirhim fleet at the very beginning of the war. Although these early victories at the naval battles at the Gulf of Maraya were one of the few highlights the human forces were able to accomplish. Five years before the war ended the hideout of the human ships of Tarannoar was discovered by the elves. Tarannoar was conquered and the last human naval resources were burnt to the ground.

Today the crumbled walls once meant to defend the village against enemies can still be seen surrounding the port of Tarannoar. Of corse the enormous Noarian Caves, where parts of the human fleet were kept, still impress many trave
llers passing through the small sea village. Also Castle Starhail, overseeing the Gulf of Maraya at the southern tip of the village’s expanses, is still existing, even though a full millenium has already passed since it was built. Starhail has survived all times of rigors and war unscathed. Tarannoar now once again represents a quiet Santharian fishing village, and its tranquility in combination with its interesting history is said to inspire many poets.

The people of Tarannoar tend to worship two gods, Grothar and B
averas. Tarannoarian villagers are said pray to these two gods as soon as they wake up in the morning. They believe that their prayings to these gods will both help keep the weather and the waters calm for the following day of fishing. Return to the top

Location. Tarannoar is a small Santharian, former Serphelorian, seaside village south of the  Zeiphyrian Woods. Tarannoar is located at the northern coast of the Gulf of Maraya, estimated 48 strals southwest from the Quaelhoirhim port of Elving. Return to the top

The Province of Sanguia
Picture description. Location of the Sanguian seaside fishing village Tarannoar, featuring the Noarian Caves as well as the impressive castle Starhail on the cliffs nearby.

People. The small fishing village is populated exclusively by humans. People generally live within the walls that once were meant for protection. Few settle outside the walls along the coast line, who dislike the limited space that one has within the walls of the village so they have decided to live outside the walls. Not many live outside the walls, though.

The people work together and share in the profit of the fish they catch. Thus no one is usually richer than another unless someone likes to spend his money quite fast. Return to the top

Coat of Arms/Sign. The coat of arms for this village remains from the time of the SW II war. It depicts a silhouette of a ship, sailing upon the navy-blue water of the Gulf of Maraya. It is under debate whether the silhouette is of a warship or a fishing ship. Some say that it was a warship for the fact that it was brought out during SW II
and that it was flown on the masses of the human warships or shown on the stern of the ship. On the other side of the story it is said that it was indeed flown upon the warships but that the silhouette was of a fishing ship. This would be displayed in the same manner but its purpose would be to convince the enemy fleet that the ships were nothing but fishing boats and have the chance that the enemy will ignore the fishing vessel. Return to the top

Climate. The summers are cooled from the breezes from the Gulf of Maraya. The winters are short and mild. The rainy season happens during
the Months of the Changing Winds (Styráshh'avashín,
h'avashín). The ground is always muddy as it rains all year round. A breeze from the Gulf of Maraya makes the village cool. Return to the top

In the region around Tarannoar you'll find similar plants as you'll find at the Zeiphyr or at the Elverground farther north, such as ferns and mosses, alth'ho grass, various species of fungi and the kies flowers as well as
doch nut bushes. Though all these plants do hold a unique characteristic, they seem to grow on an angle. This is thought to be caused by the strong winds coming off from the Gulf of Maraya. The winds blow the plants base struture during their early stages which result in the plant growing with in weird ways. Although it isn’t a very sufficient angle but it is noticeable and characteristical for the village. Return to the top

Animals which are quite some annoyance in Tarannoar are rats. They flock here in numbers to feed on the amount of fish that is brought in, which is mainly the so-called bonehead. The fishermen tried to counter the amount of rats by bringing in cats to hunt them. Although this worked for a short time the cats soon learned that there could be easier food from the fish left out overnight and forgot about the rats. So the farmers soon had to come up with ways to out smart the cats and the rats to protect their fish.

The area also inhabits many sea birds as well as insects. Return to the top

Resources. The people of Tarannoar catch fish to survive. They catch
bonehead on the majority. Once in a while a ship will go out and collect the oysters from the lines and share them among the people of Tarannoar. Return to the top

Myth/Lore. The village of Tarannoar
is said to have been founded by a man by the name of Ames around the time of the fifth millenium b.S. Ames was one the Serphelorian men who explored the area and started to form a small seaside settlement, which should later on develop to the village of Tarannoar. Nothing much is known about the man, but is is assumed that he wanted to use the village as a source of trade for fish.

The lore you'll most often hear about Tarannoar is the tale of a storm that happened many years ago, before SW II. It was said that the people here at the time didn’t pray to any god and thus were punished by them. During the end of the Month of the Awakening Earth and the beginning of the Changing Wind (exact year not recorded), a massive storm brew up. During this storm the waves seemed to grow every hour. All of a sudden a large wave moved its way up the shore and washed up most of the buildings of the village. It killed many villagers as well. This incident was called "The Storm of Death" by the villagers. But as quickly as it had come, the winds blew it west towards the Gulf of Maraya. Because of this sudden outburst of the elements, the villagers strongly belief in the work of a God. No very surprisingly after this incident the people started to pray to the Gods and have been spared from major natural catastrophies so far. Return to the top

Age of Silence

ca. 5000 b.S. Founding of first Settlement
Ames found
s the village of Tarannoar during exploring the area.

Age of the Blood

ca. 700 b.S.
- 600 b.S.
Storm of Death
Sometime between this time the "Storm of Death” happens.
550 b.S.
- 501 b.S.
Tarannoar serves as hidden Ships Base
Tarannoar serv
es as the central base for human sea operations. Tarannoar is fortified. The ships are kept secret within the Noarian Caves. Eventually the hidden base is discovered and destroyed´by the Quaelhorihim elves.

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