The Vontron is a small but dense forest in the Xaramon province of the United Kingdom of Santharia - well, small in standards to some of the other forests of the kingdom that is. The Vontron faces Cyan Sola Bay and is relatively close to the province's capital, Ximax, the town of magic. The Vontron is the home of the Sanhorrhim, elven fishermen who worship Baveras while living among the trees.

Description. The Vontron is a dense and lush forest. It does not contain many evergreen trees, but the tepid weather allows trees such as the malus, eur'oak and wolf willow to sustain a long life cycle. These trees as well as the fragrans and the urban cluster closely together, at some parts (especially near elven establishments) the forest floor sees only slivers of light between the thick branches and wide leaves of the trees. Where the sun does shine, the abundance of plants on the floor of the Vontron such as the candlebush and the rosemint is expansive, but low lying. It rarely comes higher than a fore, whereas the shaded areas receive only moss growth such as lythien and sou'cald, and small shaded plant foilage like the arv and the hanging horn. Thin picked paths around large bushes and trees are abundant, as if these trails were the veins of the forest. In a sense they are; the living inhabitants use these trails to circulate around the forest. Rarely is there a track as wide as a cart. Return to the top

Location. The Vontron is located in the Xaramon province of the United Kingdom of Santharia, north of the Ximaxian peninsula. It faces Cyan Sola bay and is in close proximity to the Aerelian Lakes. Return to the top

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Map description. Location of the Vontron Forest, home of the Sanhorrhim elves, northeast of the Ximaxian peninsula. Map by Artimidor.

People. The Vontron is inhabited by the Sanhorrhim, wood-elves who have a good grasp of water magic and worship Baveras. These elves were once great warriors but after suffering many casualties in the High Wars they became more peaceful and turned to the Sea instead of the lands.

After the High Wars the remaining Goltherrhim moved to the Vontron with the Sanhorrhim and the Goltherrhim no longer exist as tribe. Return to the top

Climate. The Vontron is a temperate zone. It stays comfortably warm most of the year. Its close proximity to the ocean makes it a great place to be as the sun is warm and the breezes that rise from the Bay are refreshingly cool. The air is humid but in the summer months it can get dry. During the winter the Vontron endures weather storms with strong, cold winds and warm rains, but no snow ever falls here. Return to the top

Flora. Malus, eur'oak and wolf willow are abundant in the warm climate in the Vontron. The fragrans and the urban are also residents. The candlebush and the rosemint lay thick upon the forest floor and the lythien and sou'cald, cling to the dark areas. Flowering plants like the arv and the hanging horn are abundant; giving the forest a colorful but slightly somber ambience. Return to the top

Fauna. Animals of all sorts live within the borders of the Vontron, layered and dense as the trees themselves. Predators are not too common as only the herin and mimsy reside here in good numbers. Wild pig are one of the larger animals here but the forest is full of animals such as lizards, rubits and birds. Return to the top

Resources. There is a large concentration of trees in the Vontron, so lumber is not a problem. The arv is harvested as well, but not in large abundance. Resident rubits are harvested for their jewels that adorn much Sanhorrhim jewelry. The warm, moist climate makes fur nearly obsolete for the elves and is not traded or even harvested. Return to the top

Myth/Lore. It is told that the Vontron was discovered in fact on mistake: The discovery of the forests was a simple coincidence by the Sanhorrhim tribe, before they even were called this way. The soon-to-be Sanhorrhim elves left Fá'áv'cál'âr after their Goltherrhim brethren by a few years. Planning to meet and reside with them in the massive Goltherlon, the travelling elves became lost along the way and stumbled upon a wood, which they later called the Vontron. As there were not many elves in the party, the Vontron seemed the perfect size and the elves did not think of leaving the forest for the Goltherlon. The two tribes related to one another very well and were constantly sending messages and troops to one another across the great expanse that divided them.

The forest is said to be visited on a regular basis by Baveras, Goddess of the Sea. A story arises from one of these visits: It is said that while Baveras looked over her Elves she admired the trees and plants they lived among. Wanting something similar for her lands beneath the surface she took handfuls of sand from the Ocean Floor and sculpted long, rocklike stalks that extended from the grounds. And these sand-trees became the coral reefs that adorn the shores of Cyan Sola Bay. Return to the top



11805 b.S. Discovery of the Vontron
The Vontron is discovered by the soon to be Sanhorrhim, who were in fact searching for the Goltherlon.
706 b.S. Flight of the Goltherrhim
The dwindling Goltherrhim leave their tainted forest, moving to either Milkengrad or the Vontron.
620 b.S. Founding of O'dél'fóld
O'dél'fóld, a colony for Baveran elf-clerics is founded by Kaelaren the Blessed.
542 b.S. The Second Sarvonian War
It is reported that elves, coming from their hidden hideout at the Vontron Forest, burn the village of Horth on their way to the crossing at the Land of the Withdrawing Waves.

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