Ar'a'chanan race of creatures said to inhabitate the many caves and tunnels far below the surface of the Sarvonian continent. Mh'Ss in fact is a Styrsh word, meaning "dark on two sides". 

The Mh'ss Spider-Men
View picture in full size Image description. Horrific creatures that shun the light of day are said to live deep down in deep caves or abanonded mines - the mh'ss, half men, half spider. Picture drawn by Max.

Appearance. While the Mh'ss are often described as human torsos with arms and head attached to the lower body of a Spider, this description is somewhat lacking the hideous details of these powerful creatures.

Family, Society and Culture. Although virtually nothing is known of the social structure of these remarkable beings, it is suspected that there are thousands of them living in hidden cities below the ground. Unfortunately all attempted expeditions to find these cities have disappeared under somewhat mysterious circumstances. What is known is that the overwhelming majority of these creatures is female, as males only function as the source of reproduction. They are used only when needed and killed after their function has been fulfilled.

Special abilities/additional notes. It is said that the Mh'sys are capable of hearing thoughts as clearly as any sound and are quite possibly the most intelligent of all creatures in the known world, surpassing humans, elves and all other races - or at least this is told to children in several frightening nightmare stories in order to prevent them from entering abandoned mines and caves where the Mh'ss may lure. It is also rumoured that they are completely dead to emotion of any sort and find it a meaningless concept. They rarely interact with those who dwell on the surface and in those few instances they do it is commonly assumed that it is only to further some unkown agenda.

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