Aside from the main races of the world of Caelereth like humans, elves, dwarves and orcs, there are also various minor races - the giant, the small races and some races, which don't fit in any of these categories. Here's a thorough overview on all the giant races of Caelereth we currrently know:

The Giants

The Giants are a humanoid race living in the far northern reaches of Sarvonia and rumoured to exist in the lands of Cyhalloi as well. The giants are undoubtedly the largest race in Caelereth and perhaps the deadliest. Fortunately for many of the "smaller" races, the Giants are content to live among the mountain tops of the Icelands, under a deep volcano or in the vast wastes of the Stone Fields of Peat. With a typical height of over seven peds and possessing the strength of a dozen men, the giants are known to be short-tempered, territorial and barbaric. More than one warrior from the Ice Tribes will probably tell you that it takes a small army to battle a giant and there are some areas that the Ice Tribes dare not intrude upon for fear of being victim to massive boulders thrown at them or being crushed under a single blow from a tree-size club. Of the three known tribes of giants, the stone giant is probably best known with more research done on them than the frost or fire variety.
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The Gorbas

Gorbas are to be accounted to the semi-giant races. They are about twice the height of orcs (up to three and a half peds), with big, muscular bodies and sharp pointed ears like their orcish and goblish brethren. The colour in their skin varies from pale yellow to dark green. Their noses tend to be large and long, a bit more massive than the noses of goblins. But unlike their orcish and goblish cousins, these greenskins are rather dumb. Gorbas mainly exist at the continent of Nybelmar, mostly in the Kingdom of Orcal, used as workers in mines and lumber camps and any other simple occupations.
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The Ogres

The Ogres are one of the minor races of Caelereth, but nevertheless one which won't be forgotten so easily when encountered. As they are possibly one of the most violent and strongest races they can be a match even for a whole bunch of experienced adventurers. Ogres are very strong man-eating semi-giants, often overly fat, with sharp ears and teeth, similar looking to goblins and orcs, but being much larger versions of these kinds. Their skin varies from gray to light brown depending on the territory. Very dangerous and unpredictable race.
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The Trolls

Trolls, known as "TRULTRUL" in their own language, are a minor race within the world of Caelereth. That is, as a people they are considered to be minor due to their lack of sophisticated culture or any influence in history and politics, but if one were to meet a Troll face-to-face the adjective would scarcely seem to apply! Their brutish appearance and great size lead many members of the other races to avoid Trolls whenever possible, though the Trollsí voracious appetite may also be a reason for such evasion. They are believed to be myth by many, but a confrontation with a Troll would convince any skeptic of the reality of their existence.

According to many human legends, a Troll will turn to stone under the light of day, and the many oddly-shaped rocks and what appear to be actual statues of Trolls seem to bear these legends out. However, upon investigation Compendium researchers have found that sunlight does not actually harm living Trolls. Rather, a trollish corpse does not rot, but will slowly petrify into stone under direct sunlight. Apparently the Trolls believe that the spirit of the deceased will thus return to the earth from whence it was born.
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