Aside from the main races of the world of Caelereth like humans, elves, dwarves and orcs, there are also various minor races - the giant, the small races and some races, which don't fit in any of these categories. Here's a thorough overview on all the small races of Caelereth we currrently know:

The Brownies

Representing the smallest intelligent race of all of Caelereth, Brownies average about 15 nailsbreadths in height. Their skin comes in all the shades of tree bark, with matching hair and eyes. They are strong for their size, energetic, and agile, with a tendency to be mischievous. Redbark Brownies (all female) have an innate potential to become adept at Life Magic (a form of Xeuá magic).

Laid out end-to-end, a little bit less than seven Brownies make a ped, on average. Their skin comes in all the shades of a tree bark, with matching hair and eyes (more info), and they have a somewhat angular look, having high cheekbones and a rawboned but lithe build. They are strong for their size, highly energetic and very agile, with a tendency to be mischievous.
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The Halflings

"Halflings" is the general expression used to refer to a race of short people that commonly live in settlements known as "Shires". Some have given Halflings other names as well. Centoraurians, for example, commonly call them the "Holbytlan". Others merely call them the "small folk". However, though "Halfling" is the most common expression, the members of the race itself much prefer to be called "Hobbits" ("Green-People"). Hobbits are not commonly known among the major races of Caelereth, because they are considered to be a minor race, as they are not influential politically. They do not often leave their shires, and some even believe this race to be mere myth, living only in songs and tales. Hobbits are very much alive, though, and have a bright and rich culture.

Hobbits are known for being fairly unobtrusive and fond of nature, peace, and are usually very quiet beings. They tend to be, not necessarily laid-back, but not hasty. They do not hurry unnecessarily and take time to get from one place to another, or to complete a project, believing that "good things come in time". They are often self-content and unassuming, especially when it comes to the things happening in the world. Hobbits do not often meddle in the affairs of "big folk", and travel is not common except through the shires in which they live.
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The Gnomes

The exact derivation of this race cannot be decided exactly. Very often gnomes are compared with dwarves or even seen as a sub-species of the dwarven race, but indeed this assumption must be rejected. Gnomes in fact are smaller than dwarves, about a palmspan and a half less. They also don't have the stamina, nor the strength of the dwarven race, but exceed them in dexterity and agility (although they are no real match for a moderately trained elf). However, this, and the fact that many of gnomish kin do posses a love for material wealth, often is the cause that gnomes are connected with thievery and burglary. This reputation is definetely unfounded of the independent gnomes but it is unfortunately true of many gnomes living among humans.

Gnomes are renowned for there skills at alchemy, glass production and medicine, due to there ability with chemicals and their use of their dextrous hands and good eyesight to measure minute quantities. As such they have made a large amount of money trading and producing these chemicals for other people as well as themselves and it is not uncommon to see incredibly wealthy gnomes walking around in the towns of Santharia.
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The Goblins

The Goblins are often treated as a race of their own, though in fact they have orcish origins and are categorized by scholars as the Gob-Oc Orcs. It was not until centuries after the Third Sarvonian War (298-203 b.S.) when rumors spread about this new race living deep under the Tandalas. The vast cave systems once created by the Ylossian dwarves had become the home to a powerful but unknown orcish nation that seized it in the aftermath of the war. Most of the tunnels used by the advancing armies were destroyed, but the Gob-Oc proved to be as determined and energetic as the dwarves in working the stone and in later centuries they reopened new routes to even greater cave systems which (at least it is said) connect nearly the whole Sarvonian North with the Tandalas. Return to the top

The Mullogs

Mullogs are a bit like small orcs in their appearance, with the approximate size of a dwarf. Mullogs have green or brown skins. A rare crossbreed between halflings and orcs who have been living in the Silvermarshes for centuries, Mullogs are only known to a few men. Being a race of former refugees and outcasts, the Mullogs also preferred to keep it that way and have avoided all contact with the rest of the world. Although Mullogs aren’t very aggressive, trespassers won’t be allowed and so this race is suspected for many unsettled deaths which happened in or around the region of the Silvermarshes.
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