The East of the Continent of Nybelmar harbours the following elven tribes, sorted alphabetically:

The Coór'hém (Styrásh
Coór'hém, also called Sevari, after the capital) are dark elves from the continent of Nybelmar, residing in the western part of Gaeldorioth that they call the Crystalwoods. Conniving and quick-witted, these elves like cities and gather in large clusters, inducing a heavy dose of respect and fear, and easily deserving of it. The Coór'hém are far more corrupt than their wood-elf brethren; when they want something, nothing will come between these drow and their goal. This makes these elves a force to be reckoned with; either as enemy or friend. [READ MORE] Return to the top

The Ifer'hém elves are the fore-runners of the Coór'hém of northeastern Nybelmar. These elves were originally a part of the Royal Elves, but their turn to the Element of Fire made them a different tribe altogether. Representing the original faction that tore the Galderioth Woods apart, the Ifer'hém are now only a Cult among the Coór'hém.
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The Kaýrrhem are the oldest of the elven tribes of Nybelmar and possibly the most respected. Long years they prospered in the vast forests and jungles of the Faellaenion Gaeldorioth (translated the "the Emerald Woods") till the "Great Unrest" divided the elves and caused their great empire to fall apart. In present days they officially still control all the east of the woods, but in fact all the glory their realm once was has now withdrawn to some small secluded spots hidden deep in dark jungles and protected valleys.

The Korweynites who where allies for many years to the Kaýrrhem during the first and second darkness of Nybelmar also refer to them as the Kaýr and the teachers of the Chosen - the Korweynites see themselves as the Chosen by those gods that seek peace and balance. In ancient times they were also called the Taeánrhim (Styrásh
Taeánrhim, the "Hidden tribe") for avoiding any contact to the other races and even their brothers safe for the Astyrhim before the continents fell apart. [READ MORE] Return to the top

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