The continent of Nybelmar harbours the following orcish tribes, sorted alphabetically:

View the Chyrakisth Tribe in detail

By many races and nations of Nybelmar the Chyrakisth are seen as the ultimate nightmare taken form. Wherever they walk death and destruction is sure to follow in their wake. Many thus put them on an equal level to demons, but despite their cruelty and wrath - which is far beyond anything a human mind could come up with - they're still mortal beings.

The origin of the Chyrakisth is mysterious but most stories tell that they're the outcome of a vile endeavor of Menemronn to cross orc and elf. The goal had been to harness the destructive power of the former and destroy the innocent purity of the later race and thus bring imbalance and total chaos to Caelereth. The old scrolls tell about his most trusted servants, the Unjeinrhem, the "Tribe of Dusk". Which is supposedly just another term of the Chyrakisth of Old whose sole and only goal on Caelereth was to bring eternal darkness to the world. After Menemronn's defeat they scattered and at places were so utterly destroyed by Menemronn's power that no other species could survive there for long, they even strived and became a menace that makes travel through Nybelmar by foot - even today - a dangerous - if not suicidal - business indeed.
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View the Orcristh Tribe in detail

The Orcristh live in the canyons along the Uiyujappa River, located west of the Zhunith Desert and south of the Kaerath Desert, in the western part of Nybelmar. Hidden in the shadows of the sharp cliffs, they inhabit the Kingdom of Orcal and dominate the few secure roads through the desert. The most notable feature of the Orcristh is their raven-black skin which is different from any other orc tribe known on Caelereth. They are tall and comparatively slenderly built (in relationship to other orcs).

Unlike most orcs, the Orcristh have developed a society that is not based on clan and family structures - instead, it has evolved into a monarchy by which a godking, figure, the Orcal, rules the Orcristh nation. The Orcristh soldiers are well organized and well-adopted to the hot and arid conditions around them.
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