Trolls, known as "TRULTRUL" in their own language, are a minor race within the world of Caelereth. That is, as a people they are considered to be minor due to their lack of sophisticated culture or any influence in history and politics, but if one were to meet a troll face-to-face the adjective would scarcely seem to apply! Their brutish appearance and great size lead many members of the other races to avoid trolls whenever possible, though the trolls’ voracious appetite may also be a reason for such evasion. They are believed to be myth by many, but a confrontation with a troll would convince any skeptic of the reality of their existence.

Possibly close to a thousand Cave Trolls live in caves, hence the name, within the
Tandala Highlands. Rarely exceeding three peds and a fore in height, Cave Trolls are the smallest of the six tribes and are often forced to fight with Ban-Yuk ogres, who are only slightly smaller, over the caves the trolls reside in. They often make their homes by enlarging natural caverns with their great strength and sharp claws - the claws of Cave Trolls are believed to be able to cut through stone with ease. Such caves are often rough and lack any decoration. They trade with the Gob-Oc orcs that live to the north, trading hides for orange quartz, a crystal they consider spiritually significant. Such trade has allowed them to become more sophisticated than the other tribes, and a few have even learned to speak Kh'om'chr'om, the orcish grunting tongue. Return to the top

The Forest Trolls

Forest Trolls are known to live within the Forest of Souls upon the Isles of R’unor. They number only a hundred at the most and are thought to make their homes within the heart of the forest and beneath massive roots. The trolls live in isolation and have little to no contact with any other races. Any attempts to locate the trolls typically fail as the trolls disappear into the forest they know so well.
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The Mountain Trolls

Hundreds of Mountain Trolls, or “Kloighut” (“Mountain Tribe”) in their native tongue, reside within the Troll Mountains of northeastern Santharia. The mountains find themselves aptly named for the troll raids upon any merchants foolish enough to venture into this ominous range. Raids upon the villages of Acht and Holm are uncommon, though desperation will drive a troll to plunder outlying farms. The Plain of Sorrow, to the east of the Troll Mountains, provides wild game for the trolls, and the plain is nearly impassable to any other race with its rugged terrain and rampant insect population. The trolls grow to be a fore taller than any of their kin among other tribes and are feared for both their size and the size of their appetites.
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The Night Trolls of the Caaehl Mountains in Northern Sarvonia are named not for a nocturnal lifestyle but for their worship of chaos and of destruction. In times past, the
trolls were enslaved by dark elves and have since incorporated aspects of the dark elven worship of Coór into their own beliefs. Death plays a pivotal role in these beliefs, as is shown partly by the way a Night Troll will use white face paint in the likeness of a skull. Any captured victims are kept on the brink of death for days with the trolls sinisterly taking pleasure in the suffering they endure. The trolls live underground in the ruins of what were once corridors and palaces carved by the ancestors of the Osther-Oc orcs that inhabit the mountains. Wars between the Osther-Oc and the trolls are common, as the Night Trolls possess an unrelenting hatred for the orcs. Return to the top

The Snow Trolls

Snow Trolls roam the northern half of the continent of Cyhalloi, their number unknown. Their exact territory remains unknown as well, as the trolls seem eerily capable of vanishing into the snow and ice. Sightings of the trolls occur mainly on Folasch island. They've been seen briefly in the tundra of Guldor and in the northern areas of Dorolak as well, but the sightings are so fleetingly short that doubt remains as to whether or not the trolls were ever there. Tracking them borders on impossible. Cyhalloi snow white paint adorns the faces and bodies of the trolls, aiding in their disappearing act. There are stories of the Snow Trolls fighting the supposedly mythical ulvur, but the truth of these stories proves difficult, if not impossible, to confirm. Return to the top

The Stone Trolls

Maybe a thousand Stone Trolls live underground within the
Stone Fields of Peat, feeding mainly upon the cragok goat. They reside in a warren of underground caverns and passageways, ones which are difficult to find by any other than the Stone Trolls. It is rumoured that a massive lake exists below the surface and is the source of the Stone Trolls’ water. They are perfectly adapted to live within the Stone Fields of Peat, as their jewel-hued eyes can perceive slight changes in the texture and colour of rocks, though they are sensitive to bright colours, and their limber bodies allow them to move among the rock formations with ease. The colour of their skin may range anywhere from black obsidian to grey granite. Return to the top

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