In the table below all the current Play-by-Post Role Playing Administrators & CD-Moderators are listed. Should you have any problems, feel free to drop them a line through mail or add them to your ICQ, MSN, AIM, Yahoo, etc. to discuss details you’re still unsure of. Concerning messengers we can only advise to install multi-messenger platforms, so you can have various messengers all in one interface. We recommend using Trillian, a free multi-network messenger client for this purpose. If you're using a Mac you might try Adium, an equivalent to Trillian.

You can reach the Admins easily by sending a mail to

If you want to reach any of the Admins personally, take a look at the list below.
Here are all RPG Contacts you need:



Santharian Focus
Kalina, as our most recent admin, is a valuable addition to our team, helping whereever she can. She puts up announcements, sets up new player Forums and will answer newbie questions - don't hesitate to ask!

Contact Information
Send mail to Koldar e-Mail: ASecludedLight@yahoo.com
MSN: ASecludedLight@hotmail.com
AIM: ASecludedLight
Yahoo: ASecludedLight

Kalina is also occasionally in the Santharian IRC Channel!

TALIA STURMWIND (Admin/CD Mod/Dev Expert)


Santharian Focus
Talia comments of Character Descriptions, is the Unofficial Ambassador to the Development Board, an expert on the Shendar - and she can upload your character portraits to the Santharian server.

Contact Information
Send mail to Koldar e-Mail: talia@santharia.com



Santharian Focus
Mina also frequents the Dev board and focuses mostly on magic. As she is very often around (though maybe not as regularly as others) to help players, she has been made official RPG Admin and Character Descriptions Moderator.

Contact Information
Send mail to Koldar e-Mail: minaaylwin@hotmail.com
MSN: minaaylwin@hotmail.com

You can also find Mina regulary in the Santharian IRC Channel!



Santharian Focus
Being part of the Dev team, Marvin knows his way around Santharia pretty well. He especially likes to develop spells and orcish stuff and helps with commenting on Character Descriptions.

Contact Information
Send mail to Koldar e-Mail: gduvel@gmail.com
AIM: Ssst Duvel



Santharian Focus
Twen is one of our good spirits floating around in the Character Descriptions Forum, helping newbies to get their characters approved. She's also a developer, mainly of spells, so she also knows how to cast a fireball - so beware!

Contact Information
Send mail to Koldar e-Mail: pherryn_feybranche@yahoo.com
or unwvdangel@yahoo.com



Santharian Focus
Mortus is mainly responsible for IRC related things, as he's our primary IRC operator. If you have an issue to be brought up in this respect, please contact Mortus.

Contact Information
Send mail to Koldar e-Mail: mortuspryde@shaw.ca
ICQ: 46784866
MSN: the1mortus@hotmail.com
AIM: mortuspryde
Yahoo: mortuspryde



Santharian Focus
Artimidor has founded the Santharian Dream in 1998 and mainly manages the Development Board and all kind of webdesign issues. He will also upload the character portrait of your choice to the Santharian server. Don't forget to provide the character's name and a pic and/or an URL, where you found the image.

Contact Information
Send mail to Koldar e-Mail: webmaster@santharia.com
ICQ: 20883605
MSN: artimidor@yahoo.com
AIM: Artimidor
Yahoo: Artimidor