The Nepris Module

Access. To enter the Mysteries of Nepris module first enter Santhworld by clicking here and then go to the module by typing START NEPRIS followed by ENTER.

Already fully playable, the module is constantly in the process of being further expanded though. At the moment only a part of the area can be accessed, which centers around a quest that requires to free a young apprentice from the Laboratory of Fizzlefist. This is a major quest, which will keep you busy for at least a few hours!

Description. The Nepris module is designed as a full fledged role playing area of Santhworld with everything this entails: items, weapons, armour, battles, character statistics, experience points, quests to complete. Characters  can level up, improve their skills, cast spells and unveal some conspiracies in the small Manthrian fishing village of Nepris. Expect lots of adventure, character interaction, clever quest design, splendid illustrations, sounds and music - and of course role playing fun the way it should be! "Mysteries of Nepris" is interactive Santharia at its best!

This module will receive constant updates and has topmost Santhworld development priority.
Developers. Grinch - Coding of the Santhworld program, Creature and Weapons Definitions, Balancing
  Artimidor - Story, Game Design and Creative Direction
Shabakuk Zeborius Anfang - Game Co-Design
  Bard Judith, Seeker, Faugar, Quellion, Arbaon, Mitra Rodi, Sheil, Talia Sturmwind, Eshoh, Grunok - Pictures
  Tharoc Wargrider - Additional weapon and armour definitions
  Alysse the Likely - Additional Texts
  Macar, Gean Firefeet, Vladeptus, Ralrok - Background musics - Sound Effects


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 Date of last edit 9th Dead Tree 1668 a.S.

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