Pinn Derkhan Convince Pinn to go Home to Mommy [130 points]
- Quest Start: Talk with Ilbeth at the Prosperous Farmhouse
- Return the ball to Pinn [+50]
- Talk to Ilbeth again and receive your reward [+80 points]
Andrus Derkhan Fetch some Bard's Own Wine for Andrus [310 points]
- Quest Start: Talk with Andrus upstairs in the Prosperous Farmhouse
- Opening the cellar trapdoor [+20]
- Cellar extermination done [+80 points]
- Report back to Mannef telling him about your success [+90 points]
- Bring bottle of Bard's Own to Andrus [+120]
- Bonus: Depending on your choice at Andrus you might get an extra when talking again to Mannef
Fizzlefist's Laboratory Find the Cause for the Mess in Fizzlefist's Laboratory [200 points]
- Quest Start: Once you enter the Fizzlefist Laboratory
- Manage to enter the Laboratory [+50 points]
- Wonder about what actually happened down there
- Discover notes in diary form explaining what has happened [+150 points]
Jeremy Rescue Jeremy from his Cell in the Laboratory [1300 points]
- Quest Start: Fizzlefist Laboratory, Level 3, In Front of Detention Cell, talk to Jeremy
- Find the copper key [+50 points]
- Find the four sigils and report back to Jeremy [+400]
- Charge the Elemental Sigil [+350]
- Charge the combined sigils and report back to Jeremy [+500]



A Closed Door Get Access to all Areas of the Deeper Lab [230 points]
- Quest Start: Enter Fizzlefist's Deeper Labs
- A nasty opponent blocks access to the second level [+70 points]
- Find the round stone [+35 points]
- Find the square stone [+35 points]
- Another encounter with a monster prevents you from getting the triangular stone [+90 points]
The Imp Get the Translation of the Ivashi Scroll [175 points]
- Quest Start: Find the ancient scroll in the underground library
- Find a source of information how to deal with the imp [+75 points]
- Apply that information in order to receive the scroll [+100 points]
The Cauldron Concoct the Maehem Oil [160 points]
- Quest Start: With the Ivashi scroll translated, Jeremy suggests that the only way to escape their fate might be to retrace the steps described in the text
- Get access to the Arcane Tome of Alchemy [+40 points]
- Make sure to find essential books to help you with your brew
- Succeed in doing the right things at the cauldron [+120 points]
The Magical Barrier Breach the Magical Barrier [540 points]
- Quest Start: Find the magical barrier at the center of the catacombs
- Use two substances at the altars in the catacombs [+90 points]
- Survive the breaching of the magical barrier [+300 points]
- Optional: Construct a powerful dagger that helps you against ghostly foes [+150 points]
The Stone Face

Manage to get past the Stone Face [220 points]
- Quest Start: Encounter the stone face in the catacombs
- Find and read Caordya's scroll with further instructions [+50 points]
- Interpret the instructions and reach the stone face at the end of the hallway [+170 points]

The Stone Golem Deal with the Black Ring [100 points]
- Quest Start: Find the black ring in the temple
- Read up on the ring by looking at the scroll nearby
- Learn more from Jeremy about the ring [+100 points]
Make your decision...
The Teleporter Find the correct Teleporter [210 points]
- Quest Start: Enter the Inner Sanctum
- Activate the flow of magic energy in the Inner Sanctum [+50 points]
- Deal once more with an old friend [+100 points]
- Activate the Tower of Death teleporter [+60 points]
The Rat Pillar Solve the Rat Pillar Puzzle [650 points]
- Quest Start: Enter the Tower of Death
- Read the mysterious instructions found in the archway rooms of the Tower of Death and return to the tower to follow these instructions
- Defeat the final guardian [+150 points]
- Accomplish the Rat Pillar mission [+500 points]
Woodworker Ender Krewekring Help Ender find the missing Game Board Pieces [400 points]
- Quest Start: Talk with the woodworker Ender Krewekring about his carvings
- Talk to the first rascal, Mimi, and gain important information
- Talk to the second rascal, Pinn, and gain important information
- Find the five game board pieces based on the received info
- Return all the found pieces to Ender [+400 points]
The Kuatu Satisfy the Kuatu [75 points]
- Quest Start: Upon walking around in the Deep Dark Forest in western Nepris a kuatu appears from time to time
- Hunt it down
- Manage to satisfy the kuatu to get your reward [+75 points]
A Woodland Stream Find a Way across the Woodland Stream [500 points]
- Quest Start: Once the party arrives at the woodland stream
- Try to take the board from Hieronimus and talk with him
- Talk to Mimi about Hieronimus and learn about his secrets
- Deliver some chocolate to Mimi [+150 points]
- Find the legendary Sazure sock [+150 points]
- Return the sock to be able to construct a bridge by using the gained board [+200]
Gordoth Open the Baych Woods Gate [200 points]
- Quest start: Reach the Baych Woods Gate.
- Find Gordoth, the undertaker, who can help out with a key.
- Discover the four wizardleaves he requires.
- Hand the wizardleaves to Gordoth and receive your reward. [200 points]
The Kaimun Get the Kaimun’s Tooth! [200 points]
- Quest start: Hildula asks the player to bring a kaimun’s tooth.
- Find the kaimun and extract the tooth. [100 points]
- Return tooth to Hildula. [100 points]
Fairy Milk Make some Fairy Milk! [60 points]
- Find a receipt on how to make fairy milk in a wooden box at Hildula's hut.
- Retrieve all the ingredients.
- Talk to the ones mentioned in the receipt to get the desired result.
- Enjoy! [60 points]
The Sengren Axe Assemble the Sengren Axe [100 points]
- Find the first component of the sengren axe, the blade, near a destroyed beehive.
- The handle of the weapon is left by someone.
- Find a person to put the pieces together! [100 points]
The Gnarco Toad Get the “Thing that the Thief Loves”! [180 points]
Quest Start: Hildula explains that the player needs to find something the thief loves.
- Find books in Hildula’s hut: read about gnarco toads’ diet, and about a specific fungus that might help you.
- Find the right fungus. Someone spineless can help you with that if you provide what he lacks. [30 points]
- Find toad.
- Exchange: offer toad the squilla fungus in exchange for the magic key. [50 points]

- Find the home of the thief, use the magic key and get the item the thief loves. [50 points]
- Return the item to Hildula [50 points]
Hildula Hauntwell Find the Thief! [440 points]
- Quest start: Player sees the thief’s hiding place in Hildula’s magic mirror: a cave behind a waterfall.
- Find waterfall, and realize that the swamphag is in the way.
- Find Olf in his pet cemetery in the swamp, and get advice and fishing rod.
- Catch fish from the lake.
- Offer fish to swamphag, thereby distracting her. [150 points]
- Defeat swamphag (and her sister!) in fight.
- Enter cave and talk to Jasper, the charcoal burner. [150 points]
- Return to Hildula and conclude your quests for her. [140 points]
The Hiveling Release the Queen Bee [550 points]
- Quest start: Talk with Jasper in his cave. Jasper gives player Shufflish note about how to open the last drawer of the cabinet.
- Find cabinet, solve riddle, open drawer, and release the Queen Bee. [500 points]
- Return to the cave and tell Jasper that he can return to his hut. [50 points]
Ancient Baych Tree Eliminate an "Old Friend" [500 points]
- Quest start: After you leave Hildula's hut for the final time, you can access the northernmost part of the Baych Swamp.
- There, near an ancient tree, you will discover some old friends for a final showdown... [500 points]
  Complete Amount of Achievable Points: 7430

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