Santharian Developers often see the need to have all their important stuff at hand when working on an entry. The website's menu by default however is designed to accomodate the needs of most browsers and the most common screen resolutions, which is not always practical, especially if you're working on a larger screen. Therefore we provide different menu designs for you which you can choose by clicking on a graphic below. This will open the site with a different menu structure, suited hopefully to your needs. Once you've opened a design to your liking make sure to bookmark this page and use this design if you do your developing!

Open Default Site Frame Open Full Icons Row Frame
Default Frame Full Icons Row Frame

The Default Site Frame displays the menu icons in two rows at the top of the main menu scroll. To see the second part of the menu click on "Swap Menus" below the icons and you'll scroll down to another set of icons. To return tp the top set, click on "Swap Menus" again.

The Full Icons Row Frame displays the menu icons at the top of the main text area, allowing you instant access to all menus available. Additionally you get three extra icons, namely a link to the Measurements Converter, the Colours of Caelereth and to Santhworld in order to facilitate development.

 Date of last edit 27th Frozen Rivers 1668 a.S.

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