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eya. Why does it seem that everywhere you go people want to know everything  about you? Then you make me explain it without making myself look like a complete fool. *shakes head* Well here it goes.

I was born in a large city in Ontario in October of 1988. I moved to small town at the age of 5 and have moved from house to house within that same town three times. It gets boring, but a few new houses and neighbours make it a bit more interesting. There is never much to do so my only escapes from complete boredom are: sports, music and of course my computer (mainly the Santharian Dream).

I first began hockey (in a league) at the age of 7 but have been shooting hockey pucks since the age of 2... I don't even remember picking up a hockey stick for the first time. I've played on a rep team for three years. First year: team was OMHA finalists. Second Year: Won MVP honours... team sucked though. Third Year: Won Most Sportsmanlike Award... team sucked... again. I have stopped playing rep... really consumes your time and money.

Now on to music. I first began dreaming of being in a band when I first heard songs from Black Sabbath with my dad on a long car ride to my uncle's cottage. I have been addicted ever since always dreaming someday that could be me on the cover of a CD. I finally have that chance now... I am in a band called Akadian (visit our website!). We aren't exactly the type of band that I
was hoping to form when I was a kid. I want something more leaning towards
AFI or Thrice. We sound similar to NOFX and Rancid (if you know who they are).

Now enough of all that.

The Santharian Dream. Now what can I say about the Dream? Well I first found it in the summer of 2002. I believe, I suppose right now while I'm writing this could be my one year anniversary with you all and I must say it has been fantastic. Hmm... nothing else that I can say that you already know and the things you don't know probably make me look stupid so it's probably for the best;)

Take care everyone.

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Date of Birth
October 1988
Student, part-time job
English and French - learning Styrásh
Ontario, Canada
Nationality Canada Canadian
MSN: AIM: SanthariaGamer
Website (Band Website)
Favourite Authors
J.R.R. Tolkien
Favourite Music
I love dark punk and metal. - AFI, Thrice, Poison the Well and Slipknot. Just to name a few.
Favourite Games
Ummm... Final Fantasy!
Hobbies Playing music, singing... writing. Lots of stuff:)
Santharian Focus
Mainly Bestiary but I try to do as much as possible. My goal is get something into the library... I love to write but it never seems to work out:P
Joining Date
December 22nd, 2002

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gfx gfx

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