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lright, this has been dragging on for three years now! I really am not good at writing about myself so forgive the brevity of this section. Let us begin with a profound and remarkable sigh:

Me, myself, and I. Three people everyone should be acquainted with ;) Personality? Depends on the season really... No, honestly. If you happen to meet me during the summer (or any holiday period) you will probably find me brimming with life and wonder why I am so cheery all the time. I try to carry on that same exultant buoyancy into the winter months, alas somewhere along the way we part company. Although I am at my most prolific stage when the stress is over the top and I have thrice the work than I have time, I cannot say the same for my nerves. Something you should never ever do when I am late, rushing for a deadline, enveloped by a semi-circle of open books, notes and mad diagrams spreading out in all dimensions, or talking to myself as if I am in the middle of something is to poke me to ask if I have a minute, get in my way, engage in some nonsensical and utterly pointless discussion/conversation/monologue, make a silly joke or keep standing above my head. The list may be expanded analogously in either direction. Basically anything that causes me to lose my grip on whatever revelation I thought I was having at the moment and interrupt the flow of thought or the ticking clock. Nonetheless, I think it would be just to say that I keep a vivacious, spirited attitude even during very stressed and strenuous times.

I guess my core problem is having too much energy and curiosity for one person. I have interests spanning over an unduly broad spectrum in so many different fields and like seeing people enjoy life that I end up over-filling my schedule, making too many promises and undertaking a lot of responsibilities - usually involving a leading or organizing role. I typically start numerous projects simultaneously. In fact, I have to do a lot of things at once or none gets done. I always finish whatever task I assume - but sometimes I end und up finishing myself too.

As I've said already, I am intrigued by so many different things in life that I really hate missing an opportunity to check out something I might take pleasure in and benefit from. I love to experiment with novel ideas and concepts. So I guess it would be safe to say that I try to be open to new experiences.

It is also true that I ask a lot of questions (or as people who know me in real life say: waaaaay too many questions), but next time you get irritated by my incessant inquiring please know that I am not asking for the sake of asking or just to appear involved. Chances (greatly) are I am asking out of genuine curiosity, trying to learn how things fit together or how the thing in my hand really functions. If I am thorough in my questioning and work, it is probably not because I want to be better than everyone else or dazzle the world of spectators with brilliance. Most likely I am just trying to answer my own questions and satisfy my insatiable curiosity. Although, I have to admit I like to excel in what I do. I don't mind putting in the hours because more often than not I want to do what I am doing.

Though I am not garrulous, you may have guessed by now that when I am in a tongue-in-cheek mood (like now), I can be quite talkative. Objective logic dictates that I am at times incongruous: I tend to insert too many side-sentences and asides into sentences - especially when I am busy with more than one assignment and overflowing with ideas for all. Possibly the one thing I don't mind bragging about: I am very good at making links between seemingly totally unrelated subjects. That may be why I sometimes shift from one idea to another in mid-sentence and then switch back to the first project. If I am in a brainstorming mode, I tend to forget that unspoken thoughts are not transparent and that people don't have access to the insides of my mind. That is why you should, as a rule, not place your trust in first drafts from me. That is also why I so greatly appreciate people who take the time to go over my sketches, point out what I left back in my head and what invaded the centre another concept's territory. Basically you could say I need someone to "tie me down to earth" as dear Talia once so rightfully pointed out.

What I hate: Hmm, quite a long list I assume. But petty, small-minded people making small (and undue) economies and meanly scheming for equally small victories tops the list. Lazy and stupid people follow that lead. People full of themselves, their achievements and empty boasts are right behind on the chase. And: Slow-walkers getting in the way in a hectic day.

I am very open with my opinions and emotions; if something starts to annoy me and if I think it can be amended I would not hesitate to say before the problem escalates. And I have this dense belief that one might actually change people for the better. But unfortunately because I hate wounding someone, I at times voice my frustration so tactfully and diplomatically that people fail to take the cue before it is too late. I am prone to dramatic displays of anger (although I have never seen it myself, people say I'm very scary when furious) but these are usually ephemeral. I don't hold grudges or drag resentment and venomous loathing with me through life. My anger (or more likely: irritation) manifests itself in quick but definitive bursts.

So all in all I guess I try to sail through my days with joy and see beauty in every moment - although I must say air pollution makes that very hard these days!

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Date of Birth
May 26th 1988 (Of course I'm a Gemini! And a Dragon. You should have guessed by now...)
(LLB Hons) Law Student
Turkish (native), English, French (en écriture s'il vous plait! Although I am miserably a beginner, for some odd reason people insistently come up to me and start speaking in French… Apparently my accent is a lot better than my understanding - I know… Weird.) I plan to add Italian, Mandarin and Russian to this list one day!
Why? Am I in for a surprise?
Nationality Turkey Turkish
Messengers None
Favourite Authors
Do you really want to get me started? I guess my favourite authors/poets would be: Oscar Wilde; Thomas Paine ("Rights of Man" - what a wondrous piece of rhetoric, isn't it! With such vigorous and witty prose, sharp and pithy phrases ("He pities the plumage, but forgets the dying bird." [refers to Edmund Burke]), and passionate tone he should have been a speech-writer for the House of Commons!); José Mauro de Vasconcelos ("My Sweet-Orange Tree"); David Eddings; William Shakespeare ("Macbeth"); William Golding ("Lord of the Flies"); William Blake; Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi; Ihsan Oktay Anar; Amin Maalouf.
Favourite Music
I am very lucky in being able to enjoy almost every kind of music from enchanting Celtic tunes to tango to rock (:: whispers as silently as he can manage :: But I cannot stand rap and opera…) Despite the heartfelt and passionate protests of my sister, I listen to a lot of classical music (the Baroque and Romantic eras being my favourite).

Favourite Musicians include Dream Theatre (Scenes from a Memory); Blue; Glenn Gould; Pablo Casals; Mstislav Rostropovich.
Favourite Composers J.S. Bach: Almost the entire book of "The Well Tempered Clavier" (as performed by Glenn Gould); Piano Concerto No. 1 in D minor; Passacaglia and Fugue in C minor, and Air on a G-string); Cello Suites (especially the Prelude from No 2).

Antonio Vivaldi: Four Seasons; Largo from Concerto for Flute, Strings and Basso in C major.

Ludwig van Beethoven: Piano Sonatas: Sonata No. 8 in C Minor (Grande Sonate pathétique) Op. 13 - I'm currently playing this (finally)! The left-hand of the Rondo is awful…, Sonata quasi una Fantasia No. 14 in C sharp minor (widely known as the "Moonlight Sonata" even though the title was only given to the first movement by the poet Ludwig Rellstab and not by Beethoven himself), Sonata No. 17 in D minor ("The Tempest") Op. 31; Sonata No. 23 in F minor ("Appassionata") Op. 58; and the story development of Sonata No. 26 ("Les Adieux") in E-flat major. Symphonies: #3 (Originally dedicated to Napoleon. When Napoleon declared himself an emperor Beethoven tore off the dedication page and wrote: "In the memory of a hero" - all of which is, although not related to this section at all, a small detail I wanted to share), #6 ("Pastorale" Symphony) and #9 ("Choral" Symphony).

Frederic Chopin: almost everything he wrote for the piano. Though "Fantasie Impromptu" (C-sharp minor, Op. 66); Nocturne in C-Sharp Minor; Waltz in A minor (Op. 34 No. 2); Polonaises No. 3 (A major Op. 40, "Military") & 6 (A-flat major Op. 53, "Heroic"); Etudes No. 5 (G-flat major, Op. 10 "Black Keys") & 12 (C minor, Op. 10 No. 2 "Revolutionary") and Op. 35 in B-flat minor ("Marche funébre") could probably be listed as my favourites - Oh, I also adore the "Grand Valse Brilliante" Op. 18

Robert Schumann: The Prophet Bird (Op. 82 No. 7); 'Quartet for Piano, Violin, Viola and Cello in E-flat major' (Op. 47) with Glenn Gould at the piano. That recording (Sony; The Glenn Gould Edition Schumann: Piano Quartet; Brahms: Piano Quintet) is simply a must.

Brahms: Quintet for Piano, 2 Violins, Viola and Cello in F-minor (Op. 34); Violin Concerto in D Major (Op. 77); Hungarian Dances.

Alright, I better stop or we'll be here till dawn.
Favourite Games
Strategy and city-building games. Poseidon: Master of Atlantis, Planescape: Torment, Baldur's Gate II and Lords of Magic: Special Edition (LOMSE) are among the few games I can still play after so many years.
Hobbies Sports: Tennis (since 2nd grade); swimming; skiing (since 3rd grade although I haven't practiced for the last three years); wind-surfing (just started this summer! So much better than sailing - I hate leaking boats)

Music: I play the piano since 3rd grade. I have a great photographic memory so no-one realized I could not read notes until I switched to another teacher three years ago. Although she surely remedied that (quite a painful transition believe me) I am still quite wretched at sight-reading. The best way to teach me something is to play it slowly, twice: First with separate hands then together. I also started composing classical pieces last year (although being so terrible at transposing melodies into score-format you can imagine how horrible the whole process is!). Just recently I had my first cello lesson!

Others: Reading (sadly I rarely find the time nowadays); writing for the Santharian Dream; oil & acrylic painting (usually during the summer holiday); coming up with multitudinous plans to change the world into a better place; Reiki; travelling.
Santharian Focus
My central focus in the Dream is western Nybelmar - usually places, people or tribes. I also submit a piece or two for the library.
Joining Date
September 13th, 2003 (date of first official contribution)

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Gopag Turtle, the
Rainspirit, the
Windrunner Spirit, the
Vanilla Orchid, the  
Child of Spring
1. The Songs of WInd
- 2. Meditating on the Breath
- 3. Song of the Family
- 4. War and Peace
- 5. The Virtues of a Balanced Diet
- 6. Swimming Dragon
- 7. Tamarind
- 8. Practice is its own Reward
- 9. Ebb and Flow
- 10. Stand Like a Tree
- 11. Nettle
- 12. Acorn and Riverstone
Love Poems (1)
Poems of Nature (1)
Poems of Nybelmar (1)
Prayers to the Gods (2)
A Seagull's Cry

1. Adumbration
Hypothesis, the Ardelor
Krean Arcane Arts, the

Level 1 Water Spell - Calm
Level 4 Water Spell - Serenity
Obstruction, the Olesian
Urtengor Spells: Eternal Lock (3rd Tier)
Understanding Magic Through the Cár'áll (Lectures)
Part I - What is the the Cár'áll?
- Part II - What makes up the Cár'áll?
- Part III - What is Magic?
- Ounía and Expression of Elemental Properties
Krath Chocolate, the Water, the Element of (pic)
Keldar and Bryella Santharian Sunset (Flute Song)
Lílýáshen Áerálvr, Kreankra High Queen  
Asen Gondol, the Gondolwain Mainland
Dragon's Back Region, the
Karakan, Krean Military Outpost
Kingdom and States Development Rules
Krath, Grand Empire of
Moredein Kaerath, the ("Plains of Kaerath")
Narah District in Síhítárá, the
Sáh, Aesteran Trade City
Races & Tribes
Krean Men, the
Gondolwenmith, the ("Practical Krean")
Merfolk Tribes, the
Zhunite Men, the
Treasures & Oddities
A Glimpse on Nybelmarian Literature
A Letter from Dearan
"I Will Fight No More" (Surrender Speech)

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The Best Magic Contribution Award 2009
Winning entry:
"The Krean Arcane Arts"

The huge undertaking of getting Krean Magic finally on the site led to three essential entries this year - the Oleasian Obstruction, the Ardelor Hypothesis and of course the key entry covering the Overview of the Krean Arts, comprising it all. Undoubtedly the subject of laying out magical groundwork that has its entirely unique approach isn't an easy one to handle, but Coren managed to convince us all that it was well worth the effort! Congratulations on Best Magic Contribution 2009!


Places 2007 - The Dragon's Back Region, Places 2007 - The Empire of Krath, Race/Tribe Award 2009 - The Gonndolwenmith Men, Magic 2011 - The Krean Arcane Arts, Magic 2011 - Ounía and Expression of Elemental Properties

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