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Pic of our RPG mistress Yoonju.

orn in Korea, but grew up in the US for most of my childhood. Lived in Detroit for 6 years, Chicago 2 years, and Atlanta for 5 (and no I do not have a southern accent but yes I do tend to say y'all every now and then). Was considered a bookworm when in elementary school (I was actually forbidden to read books for a few months because it interfered with my schoolwork).

Was in sixth grade when suddenly her parents announced "We're moving back to Korea!" Which was ironic because I didn't even *remember* living in Korea, while my brother had been born in the US and consequently wasn't even Korean. So at the age of 13 I moved to the other side of the world, to a country supposedly my homeland. For the first few years I suffered from major culture shock, to put it *very* mildly - I mean, after living in the US for 13 years they expected me to cut my hair, wear uniforms and put up with corporal punishment? *rolls eyes*

So anyway, somehow made it through middle school alive. Entered Kwacheon Foreign Language High School as a Chinese major and suffered through 3 more years of Korean education. Entered an English quiz show called "Quiz Champion" which was destined to change my life - a few months afterwards I started to actively participate in W.A.T.CH. (short for We Are The Champions) a club for former participants in Quiz Champion. Presently I am president of my class, and WATCH takes up most of my time (my life is divided into the Internet, school and WATCH).

Currently I'm attending Korea University, in the Dept of Western Literature (very biased name, includes English, German, French Spanish and Russian). Hopefully I'll be majoring in English Literature in my sophomore year.

What else? Hmm.. I am supposedly good at drinking, but don't take my word for it .. *lol* I love fantasy (duh) and read both Korean and English. My English, by the way, is not as good as it once was, and lately I usually use a mix of both to form what we call "Konglish" (a language used by people such as myself, who are neither Korean nor Amercian but something in-between). My dream is to publish a book before I die, perhaps fantasy, perhaps not (and have a house full of cats and herbs and faeries *lol*)...

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gfx gfx
Female (despite the opinion of a few who insist my genetic code is XY)
Date of Birth
April 18th, 1982
University student
English, Korean, and a tiny bit of Chinese and French
Anyang, South Korea
Nationality South Korea Korean (South, for those of you who were really going to ask)
MSN: AIM: silver selene
Daughter of the Dragon (Kenshin fan fics)
Under the Silver Moon (SaliorMoon fan fics)
The Inn (personal homepage)
Favourite Books
You've got to be kidding me... L. M. Montgomery, Lloyd Alexander, C. S. Lewis, Alexander Dumas, Carl Sagan, Erich Segal, Robert Jordan, Elizabeth Haydon, J.R.R. Tolkien, Yongdo Lee, Frank Herbert, etc.
Favourite Music
Enya, John Denver, Simon and Garfunkel, Late Tuesday, Loreena McKennitt, Secret Garden
Favourite Games
King's Quest series, Torin's Passage, Betrayal in Antara, War of Genesis 3, Diablo 2 (ok, I don't exactly *like* this game, but it's addictive), Fortress
Hobbies Reading about religion, playing the guitar, jotting down random thoughts or scenes, fooling around with my cell phone, chatting on AIM or MSN, daydreaming
Santharian Focus
Role Playing Forum Admin of the "Adventures of Caelereth" Play-By-Post games
Joining Date
September 1st, 2001

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