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Photos of Alex aka Erutan

ell, living in a rural area makes it very boring to live. All I do is play games, that is until I found Santharia. Santharia was a way for me to keep busy, and to escape the everyday troubles that sprang from life. It is such an accomplishment that people from all around the world can come together to help develop this fantasy world.

My mother is Japanese. We go to Japan every year and visit my grandparents, they live right below Mt. Fuji in a city named Fujinomiya. Their time is short so that's why I visit them so frequently. They are the nicest people ever, and I can't wait to see them this year. A festival helps in celebration. Celebrating for what? Well I'm not sure, but just being in Japan makes you want to party. The festival is held once a year, and it is in honor of the Fuji God (though I do not believe in the God). Sake (Japanese Beer) is thrown and tossed along the streets, great platforms are lifted from the ground by selected people with men and women on top tossing the sake. A cauldron of fire is in the middle of the platform. As many as 100 of these roam the streets the night of the festival.

The final act of the festival is to walk down a river (the people holding the platform), while others watch from a bridge or from the side. All of the platforms march down the river splashing water, throwing sake, and chanting a certain call of the Fuji God. Great fun it is, I trully can not wait to do it again.

On another note... When I was 6 years old I was riding my bicycle one day and ran into a boat (don't ask me why) and broke my nose. When I was 8 my friend grabed my leg and I was wipped back. My arm fell onto the pavement and broke.

Well since that age I have not broken anything so maybe luck has struck me. Other than those things in my life, nothing really exciting ever happened. So, I am waiting... and waiting...

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Date of Birth
October 28th, 1988
English, Japanese
Nationality USA American
ICQ: Erutan Argon, 229279986 AIM: Erutan Argon
Favourite Books
I love to read adventure books, especially taking place in medieval times.
Favourite Music
Trance, Hard Rock, Rap, anything really, anything but country (sorry for all you country lovers out there!)
Favourite Games
I love to play my Playstation 2 and XBox. I can spend alot of time on those two consoles. Current games that I am playing are Gauntlet, and Contra. I am also trying to get my hands on the XBox title "Morrowind" and can never seem to find it. "Sold out overseas" is what they tell me.
Hobbies I like to develop graphics, play lots of games, and develop things into Santharia. I also play lots of baseball in the spring time.
Santharian Focus
Giant Race Expert and pretty much everything.
Joining Date
August 5th, 2002

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