(Mathias Martinussen)

Gender Male
Date of Birth March 19th, 1980
Profession Student
Languages Norwegian, Swedish and English
Location Oslo
Nationality Norway Norway
ICQ n.a.

Gnufruk's Home

Favourite Book Lord of the Rings, everything written by Terry Prattchet and the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (Douglas Adams)
Favourite Musician Vamp (currently)
Favourite Game D&D miniature games, Warhammer Fantasy Battles
Hobbies Dreaming, surfing the net, Santharia, scout group
Santharian Profession World Designer
Joining Date March 31st, 2001

Santharian Works

Bestiary Golem, the
Shapechanger Dragon, the
Cosmology Orcal Calendar  
Miscelleanous Axe of Orcal  
Places Shadowdale  
Races Goblins, the
Gorbas, the
Ogres, the
Religions Orcal Beliefs  


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