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 came into this world in the form of an April Fool's gift to my mother. While everyone was toiling with expectant concern over my seemingly imminent birth on the night of April 1st, I like to believe that i remained comfortably curled up in my mother's womb with a smirk on my face and mouthing the words "APRIL FOOL!" I remember an extremely pleasant and carefree childhood, full of character-building and enriching acitivities such as beating up boys, being the neighbourhood bully and building imaginary worlds and kingdoms from my storehouse of toys and dolls.

My teen and young adult years feel like a blur. I was a reformed-neighbourhood-menace-turned-geek. That was when I started reading, writing and dreaming about fantasy worlds, and of one day creating a world to call my very own. I also spent many of those years learning and practising three different musical instruments - the piano, the chinese violin and the chinese harp, and although I can't claim world reknowned fame, I nevertheless like to believe that I'm an accomplished musician in my own way.

Three years ago i was fortunate enough to be able to apply for and be granted a full scholarship to pursue my undergraduate studies in Canada. I'm joint majoring in Anthropology and International Development Studies, and hope to add an emphasis in Linguistics to my undergraduate degree as well. Cultures and languages fascinate me, and that is perhaps why world-building appeals to me so much, being able to actually create diverse cultures and languages from scratch. I have my own private little "pet hobby project" of creating my own world which I indulge in whenever I can find the time for it, and one of my aspirations is to create a fully functional fantasy-isque language complete with its own grammatical, syntactic and semantic system as well as a rich cultural and historical base.

Since I'm really bad at coming up with interesting quips and narrating humorous anecdotes about myself, you'll just have to be content with the following list of 10 random things about me:

1. I'm a stickler for routine and predictability. Some call it being "anal-retentive", but those who know better term it "being efficient". Ahem.

2. I'm bad with numbers. Except when it comes to payslips and the budgeting of expenses.

3. I admit it. I fawn over Orlando Bloom every now and then. And i drool over Tom Cruise whenever i can.

4. I don't eat anything green except broccoli. Oh, and lime-flavoured jello ... yum.

5. I've never been to a party. Seriously.

6. I was bitten by a horse on my left cheek when i was 5, pecked in the eye by a chicken the same year. And yes it hurt.

7. I set all my clocks 10 minutes ahead of the actual time. The word you are looking for begins with the vowel "E" and not "A". Ahem.

8. I'm the eldest in the family. I bugged my mother for a whole year when I was 10 for a younger brother, and now we (brother and I) have both lived to regret it.

9. My first and only ever pet was a cat which i named Xoxo (pronounced "saw-saw"). And yes "Xoxo" was what was written on the his collar.

10. I boycotted my high school prom.

Santharia has been a source of immense inspiration for me, as well as many enjoyable and memorable hours of RPing with wonderful people all over the world. I feel honoured and happy to be able to be part of the Dream.

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gfx gfx
Date of Birth
April 2nd, 1982
Full-time student, part time research assistant, part time editor
Mandarin, English, Malay, Hokkien, Cantonese ...and French soon!
Nationality Malaysia Malaysian
Messengers You can find me regularly at the Santharian IRC Channel!
Favourite Authors
My tastes have seen shifts and changes throughout my life, but a few authors that have remained strong preferences of mine up till the present day so far are, in no particular order: Terry Pratchett, Wilbur Smith, Anne Rice, Jin Yong (A Chinese author), Allan Folsom, Tolkien... and a bunch of other authors that i have unfortunately forgotten ...
Favourite Music
No particular favourites. Though I must say that I can't stand Vanessa Mae. There, I've said it.
Favourite Games
My favourite computer games of all time thus far has to be the Monkey Island series, Day of the Tentacle, the earlier titles from the King's Quest series from Sierra, the Heroes of Might and Magic series, and right now, I'm totally in praise of The Longest Journey. If you happen to have a functional copy of Day of the Tentacle and would be willing to mail it to me, I can tell you right now that you will be my new best friend.
Hobbies I love to read. The sound of my fingers dancing on the keyboard is also music to my ears, so it figures that I'm on the computer a lot. The online world is like my second home, and meeting people all over the world gives me great pleasure. Other things that I do in my spare time: laze around, daydream, sing, write, watch my favourite series on TV (go Space Channel! woohoo!), RP, play my musical instruments, waste hours on the computer playing games, and every now and then, I plot my grand scheme of eventual world domination.
Santharian Focus
Play-By-Post Role Playing Administrator.

I discovered the world of RPG when I discovered Santharia, and instantly fell in love. I'm mostly active on the RPG Board, although I do visit the Development Board daily to keep abreast of various development progress. I've been a Character Creation Moderator, and now as an Admin, I relish the opportunity to continously improve the RPG experience of our members on the board to the best of my capabilities. I especially like experimenting with RP game formats in my constant search for the best way to provide a great RPing experience to RP players.
Joining Date
October 28th, 2003

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gfx gfx
Salen Pins, the  

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