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 am not a very interesting person, but well, here goes nothing :/

I was born on december the 19th, 1980, in Arnhem, the Netherlands. Arnhem is a provincial town with about 140.000 inhabitants, great parks, and some famous bridge[1].

I went to primary school, and soon I started to read anything I could find; I especially liked the books about the middle ages like Ivanhoe and "De Scheepsjongens van Bontekoe"(about a trip to exotic countries on a VOC-ship[2]).

Joost with puppy

Joost with puppy posing for the webcam.

After that, I went to grammar school (Stedelijk Gymnasium Arnhem), which was way more interesting. I had this fantastic history teacher, telling about Egypt and Greece, and telling us all these old myths. I became very interested in ancient cultures, and particularly religion. I also learned some useless languages like latin and greek, and, even more boring, science. "Look, this is called spontaneus combustion", or "Look, when you multiply Newton with Volt you get Watt". I did not want to know all this, I think that the world gets boring as soon as everything is explained.

Anyway, in the 3th grade I started to read fantasy novels, Tolkien, Willams, Weiss & Hickman, Herbert, etcetera. I also got in touch with utopian writers like Orwell and Huxley. Tolkien was my primary obsession, though (particularly the Silmarillion), and I wanted to create a world of my own, so I started with Akdor.

After grammar school, I did not know what do do next, and I started studying English, hoping to get to know more about the writers. It was actually quite boring, focussing on pronunciation and syntax. I quit the study the same year. The year was not totally lost however, as I came in contact with Santharia. I started to apply my Akdorian fantasies to this world, and started to write soem short stories.

The next year I changed to history. This was more interesting than English, but I started to lose interested after the Middle Ages. I did however read some old myths like the Kalevala and the Edda, which was much more interesting than the Second World War and other wars.

The year after that I passed working for a charity organisation, Stop Aids Now, which trying to stop AIDS (duh) in Third World countries. I liked this quite a lot, as it gave me some higher purpose.

I'm currently studying politics, hoping to make a difference in the world for future generations, to help the poor, give everyone an equal chance, etcetera etcetera .

[1] In the second world war, the Allied forces (that were occupying Belgium in 1944) wanted to push through to the german industrial complex in the Ruhr area. They organized Market Garden, a plan to capture the bridges leading to this area by a series of airdrops. All bridges were occupied, but the cavalry came too late and the bridge of Arnhem fell. See also the movie A Bridge too far (although the film was shot in another town.) Return to the top

[2] Yea the VOC was one of the greatest slavetrading companies. I did not know that at that time, still being pretty naive. Return to the top

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Date of Birth
December 19th, 1980
Student of Politics
Dutch (native), English, French, Latin, Greek
Nationality Netherlands Netherlands
Messengers ICQ: 65366788 (Lamertu)
Favourite Books
Silmarillion, 1984 (Orwell), Brave New World (Huxley), Discworld series (Pratchett)
Favourite Music
Iggy Pop, Silverchair, Nirvana
Favourite Games
METW (cardgame), Siedler (board game), Half-Life Counterstrike (computergame)
Hobbies Writing fantasy, poems, "normal fiction"
Santharian Focus
World Designer
Joining Date
February 9th, 2000

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