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eally, I hate writing bios because I never know what to begin with... Well, I'm Russian. That should be a good start, since, right away, it probably tells a lot to you, heh. I'm not mafia and I'm not KGB, well, maybe I am - my grandpa is a retired agent. I might still get involved... Exciting shit!


Anastasia, winning her first
Tae-kwon-do gold!

I have no intention to talk about my not-so-interesting past to much, but of course, I 'm not planning the same for my future. My dream is to get to Oxford University in England, and I'll do anything for that. Currently I'm working my butt off in studying and all the stuff that would help me to get there right after school.

Despite me going to physico-mathematic class after division, I hate math (physics is ok). What I like is writing, painting, and languages. Languages are my biggest passion, and probably one of the reasons that I got interested in Tolkien. I read his books for the first time only a year ago, in Russian, and I fell in love with them, and felt that I grew inside. Later on I got myself English copies, and read them too - absolutely beautiful. Work of a genius. Since then I came to love fantasy. Not that I didn't love it before. I guess I always did, I just didn't know it. Most books we read in Russian schools are serious, tragic, most of the time boring, and sooooooo, oh just soooooo unbearably REAL!!! And I don't like things real, or maybe I just don't appreciate them, like I don't appreciate anything I have (that's what my dad says, at least) -

I like: All kinds of art (except dancing! *aaaarrrgh*!), Kung-Fu - another passion of my life, I cannot live without it; Tae-kwon-do is a rather new passion, but not a small one! In kung-fu there isn't much fighting, like real fightnig, but in Tae-Kwon-Do you can bully people and no one'll tell you anything. That's what we do there! And plus, it's more practical than Kung-Fu. BUT! Kung-Fu is my first love in the Martial Arts area, so I'll keep it that way! Also, I like shooting, and archery too, though I'm no good in it yet, in archery that is. Need more practice! I would LOVE to learn how to ride a horse, but I haven't gotten an opportunity yet, unfortunately.

I would go into what I dislike, it'd take up too much space, just... And I'm just lazy too, I admit it! You can read about me in my Elfwood gallery (links below).

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Hmmm, I'm not sure, gotta check on that.
Date of Birth
Oh, I don't know, I lost the track of time long ago. besides, all these numbersss.... I foget'ssss, we.. we're old, my preccioussss, we forget'ssss... *gollum, gollum*
Yes, please!
Russian, Dirty Russian (native), English (native too - everything related to Tolkien is native), still working on: French, German, Elvish (Sindarin, Quenya), and Dwarvish.
Somewhere... over here.
Nationality Russia Russian
Messengers Nope, but AOL - yes! - Luithael
At Elfwood you can find my fantasy art:

and my Elfwood Library.

And finally you can check out my Live Journal:)
Favourite Books
Lord of the Rings (Silmarillion is pretty boring though, except a couple of tales), All of Lermontov's and Pushkin's work, War and Peace, Anna Karenina, Master and Margarita... eh, too many... Any book I liked can be listed here, in fact.
Favourite Music
Rimsky-Korsakov, Chaikovsky ... a lot of classical composers. Then I like DDT, and a couple of other Russian bands... and I like Queen, and a couple of American bands..., and I HATE rap!!!!!
Favourite Games
Quake (II and III), Heroes of Might and Magic (III and dying to try IV!!!!), and all kinds of strategy. Oh, Diablo, is ok too. Gonna get LOTR when it comes out!
Hobbies All kinds of arts (except dancing! *aaaarrrgh*!), Kung-Fu, Tae-kwon-do, shooting and archery
Santharian Focus
Joining Date
August 11th, 2002

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Centaur, the  
Bombox Palm, the  
Battle Songs (The Legacy)
Lullabies (Lulla-Lulla-Lay)
Religious Poems (The Eternal Dance)
Songs of the Sea (A Sea Reaver's Song)

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