If you want to become part of the development team of the Santharian Dream, be it as artist, musician storywriter, map maker, world designer (for beasts, plants, whatever) you should first register at the Santharian Development Message Board and ask for joining at the Joining Requests Forum there. You'll receive further instructions there, especially at this thread. There the apprentice/mentor sytstem is explained.

Once you've become part of the developing process already and have contributed to the Dream in the one way or the other, you will be officially added to the Santharian Dream Team if you're seen worthy by your mentor and other members agree as well to finally take you on board officially. If you've met these requirements, the form below assists you in your official membership application. Once the application form has been mailed to the Santharian HQ, you'll be added soon to the Santharian team and an inauguration party will be held! Cheers!

Make also sure to read the Membership Terms at the bottom of to this page to which you have to agree in order to make such a huge internet project possible and to avoid further problems concerning copyrights. If you have questions in this respect, don't hesitate to drop me a line, and  I will try to answer you as soon as I can. Keep in mind that the Santharian project is a completely non-profit project, which lives from people volunteering to share a Dream. Thanks to all members for dreaming the same Dream!

By the way: You can also use the form below in order to mail missing details or updates (biography etc.) at your current team page to the webmaster, so that they will be included at one of the next updates. Simply fill out Name, Santharian Name (necessary) plus everything you want to update at your team page and submit the form.

Yours sincerely,


Please note that the contents of the form below are sent through regular mail once you press the submit button. Therefore you need to have e-mail configured on your computer, so please do not fill out the form on public computers as you won't be able to send it! - Thanx in advance!


Name (Enter your real life name here. In case you don't want to have your real life name published on the Santharian website, you can of course also submit a pseudonym.)
Santharian Name (Enter a fantasy name here. This is or will be the name you are already using or are planning to use at the Santharian Development Message Board. If you haven't signed up at the Forum yet, please do so, using the name you entered here.)
(Enter here if you're male or female. In general these two possible options should suffice, or?)
Date of Birth (Enter here day, month and year when you were born.)
Location (Enter village, town, state etc. here.)
Nationality (Enter one or more nationalities here you belong to.)
Occupation (Enter here how you earn your money. If you still go to school or are studying, let us know as well.)
E-Mail (Enter here one or more of your e-mail addresses. Santharian members by the way will receive an own Santharian e-mail account or a re-direction address if desired. Just let me know!)
(If you're owner of one or more websites, please provide the URLs here, along with a short description perhaps so that people know in advance what they will find there. In case you have a banner for your site, you can post the URL of this image here as well.)
Instant Messenger(s)
(Enter details here if you are using instant messengers like AIM, ICQ, Yahoo!, MSN and others. Instant Messengers make development in a team much easier, so if you haven't got any messenger, you might consider installing one.)
Spoken Languages
(Enter here what kind of languages you can speak/understand.)
Favourite Books/Authors
(Enter here details on what you enjoy to read.)
Favourite Musicians
(Enter here details on what kind of music you like to listen to.)
Favourite Games
(Enter here details on what kind of games you like to play, be it board games or computer games.)
(Enter here what other hobbies you enjoy in your sparetime.)
Santharian Focus (Enter here what kind of work you have already done or will do for the Santharian Dream in the future, e.g. artist, bestiary writer, composer, story writer, map maker, etc.)
Joining Date (Enter here the date of your first Santharian entry. Check out the Web History to make sure.)
(Enter here a biographical sketch about yourself. The more detailed it is the more interesting it will be to read for other members.)
Membership Terms
  I agree to the above terms and would like to become member of the Santharian Team.

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