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Santharian Job

Australia Uragel Send mail to Artimidor Uragel 
Specialist on the elven Tethinrhim tribe, the Auturian woods and other related things.


 Canada Atrii Redwood Send mail to Bard Judith Atrii Redwood
Works mainly on Bestiary things but tries to ocer other areas as well in the course of time
2002-12-22 Bestiary Writer
  none Send mail to Dramads Dramads (*) 1999-07-20 Artist
  Ralhag Send mail to Ralhag Ralhag
One of those guys who try their hands on everthing, ranging from bestiary entries to poems, persons and tribes descriptions.

World Designer

    none Send mail to Tanos Tanos (*) 2000-06-07 Artist
  none Send mail to Tanos Torek Ozzot 2001-05-25 Bestiary Expert
    Winlok Send mail to Winlok Winlok
Winlok is mainly writing on his story taking place in Northern Sarvonia, called "Blood of the Demon".
2000-12-20 Writer/Editor
Germany Koldar Send mail to Koldar Koldar Mondrakken
Specialist on all Santharian Coat of Arms and Town Maps as well as on the continent of Nybelmar.
2000-09-03 Artist, World Designer, Newbies Moderator
Netherlands  Lamertu K'Thaen Lamertu K'Thaen
Concentrates on developing the continent of Akdor along with Thuja and everything which is required in this respect.
2000-02-09 World Designer
  Theo Send mail to Theo Theodorus Holzman
Works on various different things, whatever comes into his mind, ranging from Krakenweed and Imps to the Origin of the Halflings.
2001-10-14 World Designer
South Korea Elienta Send mail to Gean Elienta
Former role Playing Forum Admin of the "Adventures of Caelereth" Play-By-Post games.
2001-09-01 Idea Provider
  Russia  Mutare Serphinroth Send mail to Silfer Mutare Serphinroth
Mutare enjoys writing poems for the Library, but has also been spotted doing Herbarium and Bestiary entries.
2002-08-08 Writer
Sweden Enayla Send mail to Enayla Enayla (*)
Famous for her outstanding fantasy works she produces with Photoshop.


  none Send mail to Mikael Mikael (*) 2000-09-03 Artist
 United Kingdom   none Send mail to Wren Avis
Avis is Santharia's gnomes expert: If you have questions about these little fellows - he's the one to ask:)

World Designer, Gnomes Expert

  Fiorellina Send mail to Coór'Efér Fiorellina Mangiacore (*)
Fiorellina is an all around rat-specialist, which also shows in her drawings.
2001-12-22 Artist
 USA Amuwen Send mail to Capher Amuwen
Amuwen mainly contributes to the Bestiary and the Herbarium, but also does poetry and various miscellaneous things as well.

Poet, Bestiary and Herbarium Writer

  Anaea the Marked Send mail to Capher Anaea the Marked
Concentrates on the Sor'inyt tribe of the continent of Aeruillin and everything concerning this context.

World Designer

  none Send mail to Aragorn Aragorn Hárf'achón (*) 1999-10-10 Artist
  Belgarion Send mail to Capher Belgarion
Belgarion mainly focusses on Bestiary entries, new ones as well as re-vamping old ones.

World Designer, focus on Bestiary entries

  Capher Send mail to Capher Capher
Writes mainly for the Santharian Library - check out his story "The Wizard of the White Tower".

Library Writer

   Daie Send mail to Tarquet Daie
Expert on dragons, also writes Compendium entries on various plants. Can also do lovely digital pics.

Compendium Writer

  Eskon Send mail to Drogo Eskon
Writer of the "Dygan Heartswind" story. Also adds several entries to the Dream related to this story.


  Erutan Argon Erutan Argon
Erutan likes to deal with the big guys, or more precisely the giant races of Santharia, whether they are orcs or ogres...

World Designer

  none Send mail to Krisstofier Krisstofier 2000-06-22 Idea Provider
  none Send mail to Krisstofier Stormcrow 2001-06-23 Idea Provider
   Tarquet Send mail to Tarquet Tarquet Galbar
Works mainly on the magic part of Santharia, especially on the Weavers.


  T'olar J'harn Send mail to Thuja T'olar Jharn
T'olar is known for the many details he puts in his entries. Be it beast, plant or artifact, T'olar stands for quality.

Bestiary & Herbarium Writer

    none Send mail to Vaelaron Vaelaron Dalavaga 1999-06-21 Artist
    none Send mail to Xenos Xenos Ravenbeack 2000-05-12 Idea Provider

(*) Members marked with an asteriks allow us to present their works on our site but don't work permantently and/or directly for the project.