Xaron the Annoying
(Peter van der Steldt)

Biographical sketch
Peter aka Xaron

Peter aka Xaron.

This is about who? Xaron, the Annoying. I do not pledge my sword to your cause, since I don't know your cause Sire.

Real life. If there's something I don't like, it's disclosing information. You'll probably notice that I won't include very personal questions and that less-personal questions will not receive a satisfying answer. Can't help it, that's me, paranoid blablabla.

In reality, I'm not Xaron, but that you probably already guessed. And "the annoying", that's what I call my own little person, poking fun at myself. It is not my real last name, no...
My name is Arie Pieter van der Steldt. But if you call me "Arie Pieter", you'll have to call twice before I respond, because everyone and me calls me "Peter". Why? It's a Christian thing (yes I'm raised a Christian) but I lost faith (which is a sad thing actually, cause it can be very comforting at some moments)... So I don't qualify as a Christian anymore. (There, that's the only sensitive information I'll disclose, so if you really want to hurt me, here's your stick.)

I'm very fond of computers, for which I wish to warn the reader in advance.

Pictures. Please, no, I hate pictures... Ok, one picture, just one (and yes, I know I'm ugly). About this picture: it was taken on a LAN-party - that's some party where you enter a big building with your computer and just do anything related to computers for a few days, if possible non-stop:)

Oh, and the unusually big smile is because that this is a pose. A very funny pose too, with some of my friends. (And no, I won't show you the whole picture, get over it.)

My biography, finally. Hmm, quite simple actually:
- Was born
- Have grown up
- Grammar school
- High school (or whatever that should be called when translated from Dutch)
- University (Computer Science) and also often employed (as a programmer/system administrator) on small projects

Future biography. Grow up and become a bore and a hypocrite, since that's what most people do, do they?

Anyways, I hope to start a company with a few friends of mine, since we share the same interests and are skilled (at least I get that impression) - it might even work out (JOY).

Gender Despite the long hair, male
Degree Uuhhh, none? - No, no, wait! You misunderstand: I'm skilled, but no-one ever bothered to test me and give me a degree for passing a test. I did make grammar and high school though...
Date of Birth December 23rd, 1981
Place of Birth Gorinchem, somewhere in the Netherlands (or Holland if you prefer)...
Profession About jobs in general. Hmm, every job calls me different... I'm a
- not-yet-a-full programmer (I call myself just shop-personnel, since any program to be made is doomed to fail)
- eehm... whatever suits me better for a small project
- a student (at university, let's call this a job with a negative income)
- system administrator (at my home, for the rest of the family, strongly discouraged: very tiresome, bothersome and if anything goes wrong you happen to be scapegoat as well)
- lead programmer annex hacker among my friends (see next data-block) though I don't really know if they're right...

About hackers specificly. First: a hacker is someone who is very good with computers, not someone who downloads program X from internet and cracks computer Y. Hackers are usually very good with both hardware and software and, if cracking a computer at all, won't destroy it.

Secondly: hacker is a title which is to be earned. One can't call himself a hacker, one is called a hacker.

Thirdly: someone who breaches security (if any) to gain access to a computer or any other data, is not a hacker but a cracker.
Destiny/Doom Destiny? Oh, never mind that: if I don't agree I'll quit!

Doom? Like any organism: born/live/die and when dying, I'll think the world would've been a lot better without me and I may've been a lot better without the world. But that's what life is all about I guess...
Languages Dutch (native), English, German
Planning on learning Japanese and visiting Japan once.
At least I plan to avoid the USA, since I don't like the direction that country is taking...
Location Gorinchem, still at the same place in the Netherlands
Nationality Netherlands Dutch (well, there isn't much to say about that, is there?)
E-Mail peter@xaron.dyndns.org

Spam-address: bill@microsoft.com (if you are in need of a spam-address, I allow you to share it, not that I have any rights on the address)
ICQ Xaron (the Annoying), 63844673 - and the worst is that I know that number by heart :/

Xaron's Home - since that is my home-PC (the e-mail also is processed on my home-machine, which is quite nice)

Favourite Book Pratchet, Tolkien and anything else qualifying as good fantasy (which is an opinion and therefore subject to anything human)
Favourite Musician Anything metal, especially Dimmu Borgir, Nightwish, Hecate Enthroned.
Favourite Song Nightwish - 10th Man Down
Nightwish - The Kinslayer
Nightwish - The Carpenter
Dimmu Borgir - Kings of The Carnival Creation
Dimmu Borgir - Lethe
Hecate Enthroned - Forever in Ebony Drowning
Favourite Game Mahjongg!
All RTS-titles with Blizzard's signature
Baldur's Gate I and II both with and without expansion

Non-computer game: Can one call it a game? Martial Arts, especially fighting with the quarter-staff (oh I'm so violent)...
Favourite Movie Edward Scissorhands (this will always be number one for me),
The Matrix (not even half as good as the one mentioned above)
I don't watch many movies, but those with a bad worked-out plot I ditch from my memory.
What I hate 1 People who got brains but don't use them.
2 People who think that, because they're big, strong and/or powerful, can decide what I do, think, want or should not do.
3 People who take for granted anything an entity says.
4 People, who in favour of their own advancements, don't play fair game.
5 Hypocrites, aka people applying different rules to different people
Hobbies I'm way too fond of computers :-)
I like Starwars and many movies in which there is something supernatural or some kind of outcast. So I love "Edward Scissorhands" (if you haven't seen it, I recommend, no I command thee to see it somewhere!) I'm fond of (good) movie-soundtracks, since it is targeted to bring one in a special mood.
What I hate I don't like Windows (but soon I will be ever stuck with, if not at home then at work and anywhere I turn. Aaaargh! :-)
Santharian Profession Ehmmm... Can't really describe that in one word, but: I'm the one who's never around, but if I am, cause Artimidor a lot of stress:

Me: "Hey, Artimidor, do you know that the opening-page of your site actually makes my browser bigger than my screen?"

Artimidor: sighs, "Another month with this nitpicking gnome."
Ideas(Wishes Ehm, they used to say that so nice, now how was it again..? Oh, right: "Make love, not war." To guard against misunderstanding: may we live peacefully ever after.

A good student will question everything his teacher(s) tells him/her. I wish all people to be good students and that all people view anyone but themselves as teachers.

May all people accept others as they are, let us start abolishing bias now!

May science stay a passion: "l'art pour l'art". I'd hate it when I would've found some interesting research-matter, but in order to get money, need to claim that it is good for society. If that had happened with the laser, we'd have no CD's, internet would still run over copper, special forms of surgery would be a lot difficulter and more dangerous (if not impossible), etc. etc. etc.

Speaking about science, mayhaps we could do some invention once without immediately looking how we can use that to destroy someone?!? Even speech, wether or not an invention, can be used to destroy someone. "Words can sting deeper than the deepest dagger..."

Many more, but you try to get all your ideals/wishes at the top of your mind within an hour! But at least I got a new question for the team-section!
Things I tell nobody You claim to be nobody..?
Great, then I finally found you again... You'll pay for sticking that stick in mine eye!!!
Joining Date May 1st, 2000
Final Comment This is final, period. But it'll change within a few years or such again, like anything that I say is final...

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People The 19 edges of Queenezar's star (picture)
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